A question for what could have gone wrong?
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ttc#2carrie - June 13

Dr. Smith, I enjoy reading your posts, I find them to be very imformative, thank you!

I just went through my 2nd IVF. It's resulted in a successful pregnancy. 2 1/2 years later, on the same protocol, I produced 10 eggs, 7 were mature and only 1 fertilized. It was a 2+ quality and only 4 celled. My 1st IVF, I had 7 eggs, 6 mature and all 6 fertilized. This last attempt was at a different lab and state. ICSI was done both times. Do you think this could have been a lab issue with the eggs not fertilizing? I was told the eggs were good quality. Was there any test that could have been performed on the egg to find out why they didn't fertilize? Should I be concerned with the lab?
I am only 32 years old, just turned it and I know I am a low responder to the protocol that was used, but I was SHOCKED when only 1 fertilized and was xfered 3 days later. I've read all about your feelings with 3-day vs. 5-day and I am going to print that and bring that to my RE.
I so appreciate any feedback you can offer.
I think you are great!!


Dr Smith - June 14

When a lab reports that x number of eggs are mature at the time of the retrieval, they are refering to the nuclear maturity (genetic status), not cytoplasmic maturity. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the cytoplasmic maturity of an egg by just looking. It can only be inferred from certain abnormal IVF results (like failed fertilization by ICSI, slow growth through the early cleavage stages, etc.).

I can't really suggest anything different, if the previous cycle was successful. Leaves me kinda wondering about the lab... If the exact proper pH of the cultue medium was not maintained during ICSI or for the first 24 hours after ICSI, this could have caused the low fertilization. It is difficult to maintain proper pH if the CO2 incubators are repeated opened and closed on a busy day in the lab. If there were a lot of cases that day, this could have been a contributing factor.

As far as trying again, why don't you see what your doctor says. He/she may want to change something for a subsequent cycle.



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