? partial molar pregnancy
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jgf - October 31

Dr. Smith I recently underwent IVF for secondary infertility.. We did PGD primarily for gender selection... after two failed FETs we this time transfered three embryos.. two were genetically normal female embryos and one was "indeterminate"... we were told no nucleus was identified... we had a positive cycle with a beta of 531 13dpt. Unfortunatley on todays sonogram there is an abnormality of the placenta along with an embryo with a heartbeat...6w2d. My doctor is concerned about a possible partial molar pregnancy. I presume if this is the case it was the indeterminate embryo that implanted. I understnd this is caused by two sperm fertilizing one egg. Can this not be detected at the pronuclear stage? What is the likelihood of this happening again? Thank you.


jgf - November 4

Dr. Smith you can disregard the question..my follow up sonogram showed it was not a partial molar pregnancy... but rather a twin pregnancy with some bleeding around the sac.


Dr Smith - November 6

Great news. Whew!


Jackie Lim - December 11

Im 31yrs old, gave birth to my daughter last dec 13, 2004. Had a d&c last oct 7, 2005 due to blighted ovum and had another d&c this dec 2, 2005 due to a partial molar pregnancy. My Bhcg is 184000, after one week of the D&C it drop to 3400. I am so scared, my doctor told me it was a pre cancer prenancy and if my bhcg level didnt drop to zero she will let me undergo chemo. Will i be able to have children again in the future? how can i ensure a healthy pregnancy next time? What causes my blighted ovum? is it merely an accident or am i too old? what causes the partial molar preg? is it to soon when we try to concieve? But our doctor gave us the go signal, she said we didnt have to wait for my cycle before trying. pls help me, i am so depressed.


Dr Smith - December 12

Sorry, but these are all medical questions. I'm not a physician. Please re-post on Dr Jacobs Infertility 101 Message Board. I think he'll be able to answer you.



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