2nd failure
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tatty - September 11

Hi Dr Smith,

I recently had my 2nd ICSI attempt, the first ICSI ended up either as a miscarriage or a ectopic which resolved itself. BHcg got up to about 1200.

This time they only managed to retrieve 4 eggs from me (5 last time) but luckily all 4 fertilised overnight. On day 3 I had 1x6 cell, 1x7 cell & 2x8 cell Grade 1 (Top) embryos. I choose to have all four transferred which my consultant gave us a 55% chance of success. Unfortunately this cycle has not worked and now I am at a loss of what to do next. It just feels like it will never work if not one of four good quality embryos do not implant.

Do you have any suggestions on what we should try next, I would love to try to get the embryos to blasts but I never seem to get a good amount of eggs. I never get many eggs but the ones they do get seem to have a high fertilisation rate & are good quality. Is this normal. I am 32 with a FSH level of 2.9, my DP also has MF issues. I also suffer with moderate/severe endometriosis.

My consultant wants me to try the short protocol next as my body just refuses to downregulate & both times I have had to stay on downregging drugs (Nafarelin & Lucrin) for a long time (1st time 8 weeks, 2nd time 6 weeks).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,



Dr Smith - September 11

To answer the embryo question, culturing the embryos to the blastocyst stage sould be attempted regardless of the number of embryos. However, it may not be a problem with the embryos.

Your moderate/severe endometriosis may be causing pelvic immflamation which, in turn, may be causing an immune reaction (activation of natural killer cells). This is consistent with your early miscarriage. I would suggest having APA testing and NK cell testing before attempting another cycle. For more information about APA and NK testing, go to http://www.millenova.com/tests/ivfscreenpan.asp



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