Educating The Public In Atlanta

For the many couples trying to navigate the waters of fertility treatment, finding the information they need to proceed can be a daunting task. Fertility treatment has made great technological advances in recent years, widening the options for the couple trying to have a baby. There is a lot to learn and to know for prospective parents who wish to be intelligent consumers in the fertility marketplace.

Novel Idea

The Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine (ACRM), one of the better names in fertility research, where fertility treatment is also provided, has come up with a novel idea: free seminars for couples who are looking for a way to bone up on fertility issues. The Atlanta, Georgia-based treatment center has issued a schedule filled with free seminars for the year 2010. It is hoped these seminars will enable participants to make informed decisions relating to the diagnosis and treatment of fertility.

The seminar roster includes panel discussions on general infertility, male infertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF), older women concerns, and preserving fertility. These discussions will all be followed by question and answer sessions.

With the aim of teaching the infertile public its options for conception, ACRM will be offering a seminar one Tuesday of every month during the year 2010. The goal is to educate the participants on how infertility is diagnosed and treated. The seminar is called, "Infertility and Your Options," and will be led by leading ACRM reproductive endocrinologists. The seminar includes information regarding the costs of the more mainstream treatments for infertility.

Combined Experience

ACRM has a unique approach in the fertility marketplace because it uses a team approach for treating infertility. The center's physicians hold weekly meetings to discuss the best treatment approach for each individual case. In this manner, every patient receives the combined experience and knowledge of the entire ACRM team. Because ACRM recognizes that infertility has a huge emotional impact on the couples it treats, it also offers onsite counseling services with fully accredited psychologists.

ACRM likes to boast that all told, its physicians possess more than 100 years' worth of combined experience in treating infertility. The center has one of the best success rates of any fertility treatment facility in the United States. United Healthcare granted ACRM status as a "Center of Excellence," the only such infertility clinic in Georgia to receive this designation. ACRM has also earned Aetna's "Aexel" stamp of approval.

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