The Day 3 Inhibin B Test Procedure

The Day 3 Inhibin B test is quite straightforward. A simple blood sample is taken from your arm on Day 3 of you menstrual cycle. This sample is then sent to your fertility clinic's laboratory to be examined. Results typically take a week or so.

The Results

Your reproductive endocrinologist will discuss the results of your Day 3 Inhibin B test with you and your partner. Typically, a normal result is anything above 45 pg/mL. An abnormal result is anything below 45 pg/mL.

After the Day 3 Inhibin B Test

Once you receive your results, you and your reproductive endocrinologist can begin to discuss your fertility treatment options. Women with a low Day 3 Inhibin B are associated with having much lower pregnancy rates and are at increased risk for miscarriage.

However, this does not mean that you will not become pregnant if you do have low Inhibin B levels. Treatment generally includes prednisone and dexamethasone, in order to induce ovulation. If you still have difficulties ovulating, you may consider egg donation.


Table of Contents
1. Test your egg quality and quantity
2. Reading your test results
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