How a can Psychologist Help You Deal with Infertility
Psychologists typically provide therapy that is goal-oriented. Through talk therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, a psychologist can aid you in identifying the emotional concerns that you are having regarding your infertility. She will also help you to identify ways in which you can deal with those emotions and will help you work towards your goals. Whether it’s improving your mood or improving your relationship with your partner, a psychologist can help you by using tailored psychotherapy techniques, including personal interviews, surveys, questionnaires, and role playing.


Coping with Infertility: Seeing a Psychiatrist

You and your partner may choose to see a psychiatrist for help when it comes to dealing with the emotional aspects of fertility treatments. Psychiatrists are medical doctors that have extra education and training in the fields of mental and emotional health. They help to address mental issues by treating both your mind and body. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists often treat patients using both psychotherapy and prescription medication.

What Conditions Do Psychiatrists Treat?
Psychiatrists often treat people who are suffering from specific mental illnesses, including:


  • depression
  • anxiety
  • phobias
  • addiction
  • schizophrenia


However, psychiatrists are also qualified to deal with milder emotional concerns and issues that may not warrant a clinical diagnosis.

What Qualifications does a Psychiatrist Have?
Psychiatrists are highly qualified mental health professionals. Psychiatrists have completed a four-year Bachelor’s degree as well as four years at a recognized medical school. After receiving their medical degree, psychiatrists take on additional training in the field of mental health and pharmacology. In order to practice, psychiatrists must successfully complete a series of oral and written exams offered by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

How Can a Psychiatrist Help You Deal with Infertility?
A psychiatrist can help you deal with both the emotional and physical concerns that accompany infertility treatment. A psychiatrist may be able to help you deal with infertility by prescribing medications to help improve your mood and mental state. Psychiatrists also combine medical treatment with talk therapy, helping you to express your concerns and emotions. Many psychiatrists also engage in specific therapy techniques, such as hypnosis.

Finding a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist
Because of the great emotional toll infertility can take on a couple, many infertility clinics nowadays employ their own specialized counselors to meet and talk with patients undergoing fertility treatments. While some have a psychologist or psychiatrist on staff, others may have one that comes in once or twice a week to meet with patients. In some cases, your fertility clinic may make it mandatory for you and your partner to meet with their infertility counselor to discuss the emotional side of your treatment.

Fertility clinics that do not have a staff psychologist or psychiatrist often know of or have a preferred doctor that they can recommend. If you are undergoing treatment for infertility and think that speaking with a trained mental health professional would be beneficial for you, talk to your fertility specialist about setting up an appointment.


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