Emotional Issues and Male Infertility

If you and your partner are battling with infertility, you may be experiencing a variety of emotional issues. From sadness and depression, to frustration and anger, infertility and fertility treatments can bring out some strong and sometimes scary emotions. As a man struggling with infertility, you may be experiencing some emotions that are very distinct from your partner’s. Though it may be difficult, it is important to accept your emotions and voice them to those around you, particularly your partner.

Infertility: A Woman’s Domain?

In the past, infertility has often been seen as a woman’s domain. Because it is women who get pregnant and give birth, they are often the first to be addressed when it comes to dealing with infertility. Much of the treatment, literature, and support is even directed towards the female partner.

This can be very frustrating for male partners who are equally caught up in the rollercoaster ride of infertility.

In the United States, more than six million couples are currently facing infertility. Of these, 40% are suffering from male factor infertility. Despite this percentage though, men are often still overlooked when it comes to dealing with and processing the emotions of infertility and fertility treatments.

Thankfully, the tradition of viewing infertility as strictly a woman’s problem is now changing, however, men still have a long battle to forge when it comes to getting the proper support. It is important that men suffering from infertility realize that their emotions are of equal importance to their partner’s. 

Emotions and Infertility

If you and your partner are going through infertility treatments, you are likely experiencing some of the same emotions and feelings. You may both feel:

  • sad or depressed
  • angry
  • frustrated
  • numb

However, men and women also experience different emotions while they are battling against infertility. These emotions are often deeply rooted in the role that men and women are seen to play in society.


Table of Contents
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2. Male emotions
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