Coping with Klinefelter: understanding each other's needs

It's important to remember that both you and your man have rights and needs in this situation. Your partner has the right to your love, support, and consideration of his feelings, while you have the right to expect him to take your desire to be a mother into account.

Above all, the welfare of any future children must be considered. When choosing a method for having a baby, consider how the method itself may impact on the abilities of both of you as parents to bond with and the love the child.

Getting Support

Support in dealing with Klinefelter syndrome is available from your doctor. He can offer treatment to maintain your future physical and mental health. He can also put you in touch with a counselor, and probably with other men who suffer from this condition. Remember, Klinefelter syndrome is the most common genetic condition affecting men - you are far from alone.

There are a number of support organizations offering help to Klinefelter males, their friends and family. You have, for example, the "Klinefelter's Syndrome Association" in the UK, the "American Association for Klinefelter Syndrome" and the "Klinefelter's Syndrome Support Group of Australia."

All these organizations can be found on the web. They organize, among other things, awareness campaigns, conferences on new research and discoveries, activity weekends and advice lines for people affected by the condition.

Whatever path you take to coping with Klinefelter syndrome, it's important to talk about how you're feeling, especially with your partner.

Table of Contents
1. Coping With Klinefelter
2. Support for Klinefelter
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