Myth - The Waiting Game

Fact - Some people believe that they should try to get pregnant for two or more years before consulting with a fertility specialists. If the couple is between the ages of 18 and 30 and both are relatively healthy and having regular intercourse, they should get pregnant within a year.

If the year has gone by with no results, most doctors do recommend having an exam done to look for fertility issues. If the couple, and in particular the woman, is over 30 it may take longer than a year to conceive.

Fertility issues, however, as she gets older, become even more common and it may be a good idea to seek help more quickly.

Make sure that you have the facts before you try to conceive. The more misconceptions you are strapped with, the more frustrating your process may be. While some of these wives tales are funny, others could drive you crazy!

Good luck on the road towards conception - with all of the facts in place!

Table of Contents
1. Conception Myths
2. The Waiting Game Myth
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