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I realized that I didn't answer one of your questions.

We've never had a patient attain a successful pregnancy with a day 3 transfer after failing a day 5 transfer. However, once we changed to blastocyst transfers 2+ years ago, we have never performed a day 3 transfer.

For us, blastocyst culture and transfer has worked out great.

See below for mid-year stats for our program:

88% of our patients make it to retrieval and of those that do, 94% make it to transfer.

<36 yr old 52% ongoing pregnancy per retrieval
36-39 yr old 48% ongoing pregnancy per retrieval
40+ yr old 4/8 ongoing pregnancy (50%, but not so reliable because number of patients is low.)
Donor egg 88% ongoing pregnancy per retrieval

Last years stats weren't quite as high, (36-44% ongoing or live birth for patients <40 yr old, 63% for donor egg) but that's before I was hatching the blastocysts. Hatching made a difference.

I don't see any programs using day 3 transfers with these kinds of stats, so I think we're doing something right.

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2. Blastocyst transfers routine?
3. Hatching blastocysts
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