1. Reduce Your Stress

As you probably known, too much stress is never a good thing. Stress is bad for our mental and physical health, not to mention our fertility, too.

Stress can actually affect hormone levels in your body, which could interfere with ovulation. Find ways to help you deal with excess stress - meditation, exercise, and reading a good book are all great ways to relax.   

2. Raise Your Pelvis

Though it might sound silly, raising your hips with a pillow during and after intercourse might help to increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Thanks to gravity, semen often slips back out of the vagina after intercourse, so you might want to try to trick gravity by propping yourself up on a pillow.

Just lie on your back with your hips on top of a pillow while you are having sex and remain in theat position for a few minutes afterwards. There isn't much proof that this trick actually works, but many women find that it offers peace of mind.

3.Try Some Herbs

Herbs can really help to increase your fertility when you are trying to conceive. Herbs can help to regulate your ovulation or increase your hormones, and they don't cost anywhere near as much as fertility treatments do.

Be careful though - herbs can be very potent, and may cause harmful side effects when taken in excess or if combined with other medications. Be sure to consult with a licensed naturopath before taking any herbal supplements.


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