Relaxation Techniques

Learn some relaxation techniques like meditation, or take a yoga class, or even swim, all of which may help you to relax and destress. One leading fertility doctor even suggested that if you find all the temperature taking and saliva testing too much, you should just throw the charts away!

Perhaps the old adage of going away on holiday somewhere truly relaxing and just enjoying each other's company, without 'trying for a baby' really will help. This latest research certainly seems to say so.

Future Research

Dr Germaine Buck Louis, part of the American side of the research team, said that the next stage of the research was to see how much stress contributes to infertility in general. She also wants to research which techniques help women the most to destress enough to conceive.

Why not check out the rest of our website for ideas to help you destress and relax.


Table of Contents
1. Affects Of Stress
2. Destress Tips
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