Independent Adoptions

Independent adoptions are carried out without the help of a registered agency. You and your partner may decide to adopt a child using your own contacts in a particular country. Some independent adoptions are carried out with the help of an adoption attorney, who is familiar with a particular country’s adoption laws.

Independent adoptions are not legal in every country, so you must check adoption laws thoroughly. Independent adoptions are often more difficult, unless you are already very familiar with the adoption process. These types of adoptions are typically more expensive than agency adoptions, normally because of the prevalence of black market adoption in some countries.

The International Adoption Process

The international adoption process is often very complex. It requires a lot of paperwork and can be very confusing, because there are so many different laws regarding foreign adoption. Typically, international adoptions take between one and three years from the time you sign on with an agency.

Once you have been matched with a child, you will have to go through a legal adoption process before you can bring your new child home. These processes vary from country to country. Some can take months while others only take a few weeks. Many countries require that you be physically present for the adoption hearing, while others will allow you to remain in your home country throughout the adoption procedures.

Other countries require that you live with your adoptive child for at least three months before the adoption procedure takes place. Depending upon the country from which you have adopted, you may also need to undergo legal adoption procedures in your home country.

Legal Concerns

International adoption can sometimes be very difficult, particularly because of the complex legal procedures involved in this type of adoption. Every country has different rules and regulations regarding foreign adoption, so it is important that you become familiar with these laws.

Travel to and from the country from which you plan to adopt may also not be so simple. You may require travel visas in order to visit some countries. There will also be legal concerns in your home country.

Moreover, before you can bring back your adoptive child, you will need to secure vital documents, including a passport or visa. In the United States, most adopted foreign children become citizens immediately upon adoption; however, it is important that you research these legal aspects before you complete your international adoption.

Social Concerns

International child adoption can be a wonderful thing for both you and your adopted child. It helps to bring two families, and often two cultures, together. However, there are some social issues involved with international adoption.

Many foreign children are in poor physical and emotional health. These health concerns may not be disclosed to you during the adoption procedure. Therefore it is important to make sure that you have your adoptive child assessed by medical professionals as soon as possible.

It is also important that you be aware that your adopted child may have experienced some very traumatic events in his home country. Political and social upheaval often have a profound effect on children, so it is important to be aware of any particular emotional needs that your child may have.


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