Creating a Routine

When you bring a new person into your life, there are certainly going to be a lot of adjustments.  It's very important to create a routine early on and to start to bond and establish your relationship with your new child.  If you're bringing home a baby, consider various tools that will allow you to bond. 

Try to use a stroller that keeps the baby facing you, and find a baby carrier that you enjoy that fits against your body. 

Try to establish eye contact throughout the day, to play the same music each morning or during each nap, and to create routines that feel familiar to the baby. 

If you've brought a baby from another country, remember that the child may experience jet lag.  Give her time to adjust slowly and help to create routines that will help her body to recognize your time patterns.

Even if you're adopting a slightly older child, he or she will still appreciate routines. 

Create bedtime routines, morning routines and expectations in the house.  Children, especially those who are coming from environments with turmoil, will appreciate and thrive with routines.

There are certainly many, many other ways to welcome a new child into your life and to establish yourself as a family.  Take things slowly and remember that there are bound to be adjustments on both sides. 

Your baby or child needs time to get to know you and to adjust to his new surroundings.  This is natural.  You, as well, need time to create routines and to adjust to your new life with your precious new addition.


Table of Contents
1. Adopted Child Homecoming
2. Tips for Making Routines
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