IVF anyone?
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Marina - June 18

Gosh Julie !This is scary :o,not a good time to lose your house.Thanks god everything turned out to be fine,just someone has to clean up the mess :-\


Jules614 - June 18

The mess is really bad - I actually called a cleaning service to come Friday to clean the place up! Hubby just left to buy a new stove... argh!



lyly14 - June 19

Julie- Sorry to hear about your fire, but I guess in the overall scheme of things a big mess is better than no house. I am glad you hired a cleaning service to help with the mess. That is the last thing you need to be doing. Hope you are having a better day. I say order in or eat out tonight!!!!!!!!


Jules614 - June 19

Lyly - thanks for the note. Our new oven will be delivered - kaitlyn is kicking so i know she is OK - I am OK with everything. I could have been a lot worse. My house is still standing, I have my health and a baby on the way! Cheers!

How is everyone feeling today?



vw79girl - June 19

Feeling good Jules... Had a little left over mexican food today and someone in there is moving around lol.
What are you eating tonight since your stove is kaput?
Listen to me, it's always about food isn't it.

Marina, Found a box for your stuff today. Will mail it out next week hun. :)

Lyly, they are driving me nuts today. How ready are you to be done? Tomorrow is the last full day. YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!


Jules614 - June 19

Lisa - Yes, it is always about food. I had more grapes today which makes Kaitlyn go nuts! HA HA - not sure what i am having for dinner. I am thinking about going to the 99 and hvaing a veggie burger.



vw79girl - June 19

I am going to try eating some grapes lol :)


lyly14 - June 19

Lisa- I am so ready to be done. I have one more party left tomorrow morning then I am done with the kids. Yay!!!!!!!!! I was having a party this morning and my assistant principal stopped by and I had the radio on. Of all songs to come on...that new "I kissed a girl". He just looked at me. I told him the radio station that was on (one of the mild ones without all the hip hop and cursing) Good thing we went to high schoold together!


bdantonio - June 19

marina i just got a text from jenny she is pg again... naturally this time


bethnyc - June 19

Hi guys.

Julie -- i'm so happy that you are ok. That must have been scary.

Marina -I wish I had meds to send to you, but all I have is Gonal F. Sorry, but i'm happy that everyone else can help you out -- we do have a great "gang."

I went to the RE today for my blood and u/s and everything checked out so I'm starting the cycle today -- I already have the estrogen patch on and will be taking the estrogen pill tonight and go back on July 1st for another blood test and u/s (to make sure my lining is ok). Will let you know how it goes. I just have to hope don't get some other "strange" condition that delays us again. I'm thinking positive.

So jealous of you guys who's last day is tomorrow. I wish I had the summer off.

Hope all is well.



Jules614 - June 19

Beth - Congrads on being able to start your cycle! How exciting.



Marina - June 19

hi guys
Lisa,Lyly- you guys still not done with school?!My son was done June 6...Do you start later in september?
Lyly,you are getting closer...Did you report your symptom on 2ww?lol

Beth-don't worry honey,I know If I could- I'd help with everything I can.I'm just glad you are on track again,hopefully this time without interuptions!
Gosh,I truly wish this time around we get a better luck!
Girl ,you are sooo close.What are they going to do with you-induce or c-section or naturaly?You never mention that.
Jenny,how was your scan(if I remember correct you were going to have somethin done today?)

Debbie,Ronda,Reshma-how are you girls?


Marina - June 19

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=1425#50635 date=1213906933]
marina i just got a text from jenny she is pg again... naturally this time
Beth.....This is unF.......beliveble!!!!!!
No way!!!!!
It just another proof that everything happens when it supposed to happen! Years of trying,money spent...IVF baby born- and PRAGNANT NATURALY!!!!It' salmost sound insaine!


Jules614 - June 20

Marina - I hope to go vaginally like I did with Samantha. I will take the epideral whenever it is offered - that was a great thing too! What about you?



jenfrancis - June 20

Ok, Ladies,

Yesterday just had an appt with a regular OB, they drew blood and took urine, and did an ultrasound to check the sacks and heartbeats.

The best part.....My daughter came with me. She was there in the room! Sort of got to see them moving around in there. I just want her to get happy. :)

Well, today I am sneaking out early, I am telling my boss I need to leave at 12. We are really going to the beach!!! YESSSS!


Jules614 - June 20

Jen - You slacker - wish I could go to the beach! Seriously, so glad your appointment went well!




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