IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - April 27

Lisa- I am not looking foward to going back myself. This vacation went quick, quicker than usual! Don't feel so bad about crying when you watch movies. I do it all the time and I am not even pg. Hard to blame the hormones, but at least you have an excuse.

I got a call from my primary doc today. She said my urine culture came back positive. I am almost positive I have a stone. The pain is much less, but is now lower so it is moving. I just hope this antibiotic keeps me from getting a kidney infection.


vw79girl - April 27

whenever I had stones, I drank tons of water and gatorade and the ones that could pass would pass. They say the pain from stones is like labor pains. After what I have been through with stones, the labor should be a piece of cake! :)

when is your last day of school? we are getting out so late due to all of the snow days.


lyly14 - April 27

Lisa, I have had both and neither are fun, but I think labor pains were worse. Then again I have always had stones small enough to pass, so that may be why I feel that way. From your experiences you may be good with labor! Our last day of school is June 27th. We didn't use snow days but they always add our extra days on to our vacations. We had extra days for easter and extra days for memorial day weekend.


Jules614 - April 28

Lisa - When I was little, I cried watching Overboard. My friends won't let me live that one down.

Lyly - Did your urine come back positive for a stone? YIKES. My hubby had his first kidney stone a few months back - it happened at 4 a.m. and he couldn't move - I couldn't pick him up to put him in the car so we ended up calling 911 since he was numb... It was scary at the time because we had no idea what was going on. They told him the pain he felt resembles labor - now he claims he has sympathy for women in labor - yet I think his kidney stone pain was worse since I did the epidural 8)



lyly14 - April 28

Julie- They can't really tell if you have a stone just from the urine, but I do have a urinary tract infection. I am pretty sure I have a stone because of the oh too familiar pain. The tract infection happens because the urine gets blocked from the stone and bacteria builds up. My first stone I had pain off and on for a long time before I was doubled over in pain. I was so sick and it took a week to pass after that. Last one the same thing happened I had an infection, took anitibiotic and within a few days was doubled over in pain thinking the antibiotic wasn't working but turned out I had another stone. At least, I am not getting up at all hours of the night to pee anymore since I started the antibiotic but I am still having some pain here and there. So I guess it is just a matter of time.

The labor thing was what they told me when I had my first one at 12. Maybe that is why I was able to tolerate labor with no epidural or drugs. I guess I am used to the pain!


vw79girl - April 28

our last day with the kids is the 26th and then teachers have to go on the 27th. 23-26th are fairly easy days as we give exams those days. I will also be getting a lot of stuff ready for the fall seeing as though I will only be starting out the first month or two given I am not on bed rest.

Is anyone else who is pregnant or who has been pregnant experienced very vivid dreams? I feel like I have so many different dreams in one night and they are either really strange or make absolutely no sense what so ever. I just don't remember having so many dreams.



Jules614 - April 28

Lisa -

Vivid dreams is VERY common with pregnancy. I am having them so often it is crazy! ANd these dreams are completely off the wall. How about you?



lyly14 - April 28

Lisa- our students have 1/2 days the 25th and 26th then the teachers come in the 27th to close out the classrooms and get our checks. I don't see students the last week and half of school because speech has to do closeout and the week before that is our annual end of the year parties. So June is not a bad month!

I don't really remember if I had dreams when I was pg with my daughter or with any of my other pregnancies.


vw79girl - April 28

omg, yes, like very weird things and so many of them that run one into another.
When you were around the end of the first trimester, before you could feel the baby moving yet, did you ever wonder if eveything was okay inbetween ultrasounds? It's weird, I mean other than the constant eating and the sore boobs and belly starting to pop, I feel really good and sometimes it is scary, almost like there isn't anything going on in there. That is why I love ultrasound days. You feel totally reassured that something is actually growing in there. I did feel stretching today in my lower abdomen and down yonder so I suppose that is good. I know, I am just being a worry wart today. :/


Jules614 - April 28

Lisa - I still worry there is something wrong with my pregnancy. A pregnant person never stops worrying - and we have more to lose considering our struggles to even get pregnant. Plus, I have still been bleeding for a couple of weeks now... 17 weeks can't come any sooner....



vw79girl - April 28

Julie, is it spotting or like bleeding and when was your last ultrasound?


Jules614 - April 28


My last u/s was a month ago - sometimes spotting sometimes bleeding. I feellike when I am moving around a lot, bending down, climbing stairs, the bleeding gets worse.



Marina - April 28

I can tell you guys on a dreams part...OMG!I was having vivid dreams every night,I even started diary of my dreams,because they were more like a movies.I was surviving thsunami on an island,I was having tons of sex :-[,most of the times with absolutely strange people,not my DH :o,I was painting a picture...Yeah,I was intertaining my DH with my dream stories(well,exept the sex dreams were he wasn't involved or just did an "exchange",so he feel like a hero ;))
I miss my dreams... :(


Jules614 - April 28

Marina - I am right there with you! Lot's of sexual dreams with MANy men... ha ha ha



Arabsrcool - April 28

Hi girls,

Yes sireee on the vivid dreams. They are so bizarre!!

Saw my OB today. Everything is good (other than I think their scale sucks!) I cannot believe how much weight I have gained, and having been so sick. However I know how it happened, I am cramming food down my throat all the time to try and keep from throwing up!. He actually did a u/s because he couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler thing. It kinda freak me out, so he did u/s to make sure everything was ok.

Doc said at 18 weeks they will send me for a 4-D u/s because of my age. He said the blood test they offer to test for abnomalities is only 60% accurate (when you factor in my age) I hope we well be able to tell if its a boy or a girl then!


You had asked me what I do, I work in county government as a probation officer.



jenfrancis - April 28

[quote author=Marina link=board=12;threadid=5034;start=615#48880 date=1209086176]
Lyly,they did schedule my transfer-it's June 13.And now everything tied up to this date.I'm starting bcp Sun. or Mon.(hopefuly,if my period comes on time,which is tomorrow or Sat.) and Lupron-on May 14.
Yeah,I think you right, part of it-it's for their convinience.
O well,the timing is right for me anyway-I have time to do my gardens and get the pool ready and decorated-so later on I can just lay around and relax.
Good luck tommorow!

Marina -
I am so happy to hear you are beginning your cycle, I have followed your posts, and I am so excited for you, take it easy! Gardening is pretty relaxing for me too!
I felt the same way about the timing issue. I felt that the RE was elevating and lowering my dosages based on when they wanted to get me in for the retrieval. But I think it all worked out.

I go in Friday for my second blood test and I think the numbers should be between 2000 and 2500. I dont know why I did not go two days after the initial test, but they seem to know what they are doing.

I also was a little concerned that I am going right at 4 weeks for my ultrasound. I was hoping it would be about week 6, since this is when you are supposed to see fetal heartbeats. I dont want to see just a sac, I wanted to see the proof that life exists!

Oh well, good luck! Keep us posted!



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