IVF anyone?
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Marina - March 27

Guys,I got my period today! Never been happier in my life(LOL) to start bleeding again...So,we are right on scedule.And another update-my doctor called me yesterday with the results on a baby-they did not find ANY genetic or chromosomal abnormalties.So,they don't know why it happened ::).Which doesn't help,but we'll talk more on Monday when we go to see him.
But now it's more clear when we will be able to do FET since I went through the full cycle.


Jules614 - March 27

Marina - great news about Ant Flow 8) I am so happy for you!



Arabsrcool - March 28


Hurray, AF is here. That means you can move ahead now. Keep us posted on your journey!



Marina - March 28

Ronda,thank you,maybe I'll join you soon,hope for the april,but not sure if they let me that soon.
I've seen your pictures on that other IVF forum-you have absolutely gorgeous hair!!!!!!!!!!!And Sam is so adorable!I just pick sometimes there also.


Jules614 - March 28

Marina - Have you said hello on the other site or have you just been reading. You should join in and talk to everyone. It is a great group.



Marina - March 28

Julie,no I haven't,I just found it when you gave address to Ronda,but I did not post there.Maybe later, when I'll have a good news to report...It seems like you are a nice little family there and everybody feels safe to post pictures of their families.
My DH and I looking around for a good doctor,if I get PG next time,to make sure that i'll be in a good hands.


Jules614 - March 29

Marina - I agree, finding a doctor that you feel comfortable with is very important. If IVf did not work for me the first time, I was thinking of changing places because I felt like the only one who knew me there was the one who took my blood. Other than that, I was just a name to everyone. I felt like an outsider there. I was never told anything unless I asked. The only reason I knew what to ask was through the advice I got freom the IVF board. I am going away for the weekend to Springfield to help a friend move.. well I don't get to life the heavy stuff, but I will do the little stuff.



Marina - March 29

Julie,you know ,I never told you guys this part about my doctor and why we are fired her.On a day when this all happened(it was Thursday) and we were at her office and after the first shock, asked her -what do we do now?She said,well you can wait until Monday and when I'm back from a weekend, I can take care of you . ...I was speechless.My DH asked her-so,my wife should run around with dead baby inside for 5 days because you are on a weekend begining tomorrow?!Is there other doctors-less worried about their weekend life-in the hospital?And even on Monday,she was on-call doctor that day(I was still there in the hospital)she didn't even spot to see how I was doing.My DH absolutely hates her and he thinks that since they did not find anything wrong neither with me or a baby,thather ignorance before(when they didn't take any tests from me)could cost us this baby-if my hormon levels droped after I was off the progesteron,etc.But unfortunately,we can't prove anything now.Just to look around for the replacment.


RB - March 30


It's great that AF started!!! :) Who would have thought that we would actuallly be happy about that :-\ I wish you lots of baby dust and blessings for the next round...i am so happy that you are able to try again in April. I hope this doctor is much better than your last one.

Lyly...what about you? is everything on track for the FET in April?

Keep us posted.



lyly14 - March 30

Hi girls just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Things have been a bit hectic for me the past few days. My mom was in the hospital so I haven't been around too much. She is doing okay now. It looks like everyone is doing well around here. How are all the preggo girls feeling? Any of the newly pregnant ones go for any u/s yet?

Reshma- I have an appt. with the RE on Thursday to set the dates. He said as soon as I get my April period we can get started but I am going to see if I can push it up a few days. I have off the week of April 21st and it would be perfect to do it that week so I can rest and not worry about work. Since I am taking bcp I can just stop taking them and get my period sooner and time it for that week. I will see on Thurs if that works out with the lab opening.


RB - March 30

Hi Lyly,

Sorry to hear about your mom but I'm glad to hear she is ok. My dad gave us a scare last weekend as well...he had a mild stroke and spent Easter weekend in the hospital. He is doing much better and has recovered fully it appears. But we are still wary as there could be another one anytime.

I hope everything works out with the timing...i think it really makes a difference if you can take the time off and not have to be stressed out with work .

as for being preggo...i was saying on another board that sometimes i have to wonder if i really am...no m/s and only mild nausea but it doesnt last long...comes and goes throughout the day...i have my first u/s on April 7th....i cant wait just so that i can be sure that everything is ok.


Marina - March 30

hi guys,
Reshma,maybe we'll catch up with you,if everything goes good in April.You should be able to see the heartbeat at your u/s!
Lyly,do you know yet,if they will put you on Lupron before FET for 2 weeks?I know some do FET in natural cycle and some use Lupron before.I wonder what's going to be your protocol,as for me I wount know until April 7 when I see my RE.


lyly14 - March 30

Reshma- Each pregnancy is different, so don't worry too much about lack of symptoms. Mild nausea is the same as m/s you don't have to throw up to know your are pg. Did they put your dad on any medication as a precaution to prevent further strokes? My mom has had TIA's (mini strokes) since her 30's and she has been on blood thinners for a very long time. I cant wait to hear about your u/s not much longer now.

Marina- I am not positive but I don't think I will be using lupron. When I had my last consult about the FET he said once I get my period I would start estrogen therapy to prepare the lining then progesterone supplementation around the time of the transfer. He never mentioned lupron, but I will know more on Thursday. Looks like your appt. is coming up soon too! It would be great to go through it together!


Jules614 - March 30

Marina - That is awful what your doctor did - I agree, I would not go back to her. All I can say is WOW!

RB - Congrats on your pregnancy - be thankful you have no symptoms - My sister in law had none during her entire pregnancy with the exception of weight gain. She delivered a perfect baby girl.

Lyly - I am glad your mom is OK. What happened. I just found out my sister and son tested positive for fifths disease. My daughter and hubby were around them while it was contagious. It can be dangerous to anyone pregnant who is exposed - so I need to call my OB and find out if I should have a blood test to make sure they didn't pass it on to me.



lyly14 - March 30

Julie- That stinks about the 5th's disease. They usually test you in early pg to see your immunity. Just call the ob tomorrow and ask if you have been tested and you are immune. As far as my mom, she is not well to begin with. She has multiple medical issues (lupus, seizures). She went to the cardiologist for a check up and they saw she was in A-Fib. Her heart rate was too fast and irregular so they sent her in an ambulance to the hospital. They kept her overnight to medicate her and monitor her heart rate


Jules614 - March 31

Lyly -

I am sorry to hear about your mom's illness.

Thanks for the info about fifths disease. I am going to call my OB later today to find out what I should do.

I have an appointment with a nutricionist because I am so heavy. I am afraid I will deliver soon if I don't get my weight under control.




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