IVF anyone?
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Jules614 - March 24

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I am having a girl. She was very active during the ultra sound - kept flipping over and over.



Marina - March 24

O,Julie,congrats!Are you happy?Did you want girl or a boy?What is your dd and dh think?And how did her surgery go?How you feeling in general?
Lyly,what new with you?


Jules614 - March 24

Sam's surgery was emotionally exhausting day. At first, they were going to cancel the procedure because Samantha's nose was dripping green from infection. Needless to say, they wanted to proceed because she is always sick and that is why she is having the surgery. She just had a greater risk of reacting to the anesthesia with a cold which was nerve racking. Needless to say, the surgery went as well as could be expected. Samantha was drugged up on morphine, zofran (I know that medicine well) and tylenol. She slept most the day and by night time she was back to herself, eating, laughing, and in my face 8)

Today, Samantha is doing GREAT! Every time she sneezes I turn to look at her expecting her nose to run... it's dry! I can't believe she isn't sick!! I have not seen her like this in months! One side effect to the surgery was the breathing tube may have irritated her throat changing her voice for a couple days. Samantha sounded like she sucked in helium for a couple days. Her voice was so high and pitchy I almost laughed every time I heard it. But, she is feeling fine. I had her home for the rest of last week trying to keep her from running around which has been a challenge. Plus, she never lost her appetite. She is eating a LOT! Probably because she can now taste...

I am just so relieved this surgery is behind us and we can look forward to some healthy days ahead of us.

I was not upset we are having another girl - everyone else is dissapointed such as hubby, parents, in laws.. I am the last of my family to have kids - so basically my folks will have 4 grand daughters and 1 grandson. Samantha is happy either way.

I am feeling OK - still a little sick form my cold but I will survive.

How is everyone else doing? Enough about me - let's hear about you.



Marina - March 25

julie- I'm glad you are doing good guys!Was my dream to have a little girl,but now I gladly take a boy also.
Nothing new with me.I m waiting for my period to come,counting days(should be this week,if I'm lucky)
I was busy intertaining my aunt who came from Israel for a visit(she was sooo exited to see the snow-haven't see it for 20 years-and I'm sooo sick of it,this winter was sooo long and cold and still not done!)
I have an appt.with my doc to review results on a baby and my post 6 weeks check up on Monday.Nervous,what they may found.
Where is Lyly?Hope she is ok.


Jules614 - March 25

Marina - I hope you get your period soon and your doc appointment goes well. Is it getting any better emotionally?

Lyly - Where are you?



lyly14 - March 25

Hi girls, sorry I have been missing. My laptop battery died and my charger wasn't working. I have been off from work since last wednesday and I didn't have access to a computer untill my new charger came in the mail.
Julie- congrats on the baby girl! Two girls, you and dh will have your hands full!!! I am happy to hear she was active and well.
Marina- My dd's father is from Isreal. He grew up there and moved to the states when he was 12. He decided to move back when my dd was 3.

Well nothing new with me. I started bcp and eagerly waiting to find out when the lab opens to get on with the FET. I can't wait to get started. I still haven't heard from my RE, hope he is feeling better and is back to work this week. I am going to call the office tomorrow and see if he is back. Talk to you soon.


Jules614 - March 26

Lyly - that is great news that you are starting the process again. How many embryo's do you have left for your FET?



JasJulesMom - March 26

Lyly- so happy to hear you can get started soon. Are you going to transfer all three?

Julie- Congrats on girl


Jules614 - March 26

Thanks JasJulesMom



lyly14 - March 26

Hi everyone- I spoke to my RE today, finally. I am going to call the office tomorrow and schedule a consult to plan all the dates and fill out the paperwork. He said the timing should be perfect with the opening of the lab. They are scheduled to open 2nd or 3rd week in april. I am going to try to push for the week of the 20th since I am off from work for that whole week, so that would be perfect. We are planning to transfer all three of our embies if they all make the thawing process. Keeping my fingers crossed this all works out.

Debbie- I am glad to hear you are doing well. How long are you going to wait to tell the kids? Can't wait to hear what you are having. Keep me posted.


Jules614 - March 27

Lyly - That is great news. 3 embyo's survived! That is very impressive. I started off with 10 and non survived the 3rd day! So, you have some strong embryo's - 1 shoudl take out of 3. Positiove thoughts! Keep us posted on your consult and process!



Arabsrcool - March 27


Thats great news!! You can finally get some tenative dates and get moving on FET!!


JasJulesMom - March 27


I think we are going to tell the kids after my first ob appt. I will be around 10 weeks then and hopefully out of danger zone. I cannot wait to tell them I think ds might be indifferent, you know he is 12 and reaqlly starting to be like an indifferent teenager. My dd will be thrilled, she will be like a little mother, I can see her now. She is only 5. My dh really wants a son, I relly do not have a preference since I have one of each. DS is not his so he really wants a son.

Cannot wait to hear when they will do your transfer. Glad it will be soon. Keep me posted.


lyly14 - March 27

Julie- We got lucky considering we didn't get many eggs during the retrieval. Out of the six eggs retrieved all six fertilized and 5 made it to day 3. We transfered the 2 fresh and are left with 3 frozen. I just hope they all make the thawing process so we can put all three in.

Ronda- We are going on April 3rd to work out all the dates. He told me I will probably finish my bcp and wait for af, but I am off the week of April 21st so I am going to push coming off the pill quicker and not waiting to finish, if the dates with the lab opening work. I guess I will know more on the 3rd. Only one more week! How are you feeling?

Debbie- I know what you mean about indifferent teenagers. I am not looking foward to that age with my dd. I never told her about the last pg until recently. She mentioned once that my belly looked my friend's (who was pg) but only smaller. I wanted to tell her since I was almost 11 weeks , it was getting hard to hide. But nature had other plans for me. It will be hard for me to keep it from her now if this works since she knows we are going through this whole process. She is older now and I didn't want her to think I was sick since I kept telling her I was going to the dr. almost everyday. She is kind of an anxious child and was asking if I was okay. So now it is out in the open.


Jules614 - March 27

Lyly - That is great that you had such strong embryo's - I see a lot of success with FET's.



Marina - March 27

Guys,I got my period today! Never been happier in my life(LOL) to start bleeding again...So,we are right on scedule.And another update-my doctor called me yesterday with the results on a baby-they did not find ANY genetic or chromosomal abnormalties.So,they don't know why it happened ::).Which doesn't help,but we'll talk more on Monday when we go to see him.
But now it's more clear when we will be able to do FET since I went through the full cycle.



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