IVF anyone?
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Meg - November 4

I agree w/ Jade about joining a multiples club. It has been a great resource for me. As well as now that I am a "seasoned" twin mom I now find that I am able to give other new moms help from my experience w/ my twins. I met one of my closest friends from our local club as well. It is something to consider, even if you don't think you will participate, other MOMs are always willing to give help. And the sales are great ways to get things for you multiples at great prices. You are doing a GREAT job keeping those babies cooking :) I know it is hard, but it will be worth it in the end.

If you want matching B/G twin outfits, Unlimited Additions on the internet has beautiful clothing. It is very traditional clothing, but they usually have a great holiday selection. I always coordinated our twins, and actually still do.

Take Care,


lyly14 - November 4

Thank you girls for all your prayers. I will let you know the numbers tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Debbie- How is that beautiful baby girl doing? I hope she is sleeping well and you are getting some rest. DD actually does know. I only told her because she knew what we were doing (the IVF) because I was constantly going to dr appts and she thought something was wrong with me (lol). Anyway she has be really helpful with carrying laundry baskets and stuff at the store :) I did also tell her not to get too excited yet as anything can happen. I pray all goes well but with the spotting I didn't want her to get her hopes up.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! It looks like the spotting is letting up. Yesterday is started to get lighter and this morning I only had brown tinged mucous discharge a few times today. I was excited that I could actually see it was mixed with mucous and not just spotting brown now. I guess I will see what happens tomorrow with my numbers.


jenfrancis - November 4

I lost my note. I wanted to say thank you for the MOMS advice. I bet they could bring me food. :) Since I can hardly get up.

I miss my hubby,,But I did not get a phone call last night at all and I called him at10 and 1030 no answer. Today when he called I focused more on the ladies laughing in the background than what he was saying,

I am really paranoid I know. But it really sucks,


Meg - November 4

The MOMs club that I am in does in fact bring dinners to MOMs who recently delivered or may be on bedrest w/ no one to help them. I have delivered many a meal to new moms in our club. When I had my singleton they also brought me a few dinners. You can look online for a local club. It may be worth a shot. Good Luck :)

BTW, I checked at the Unlimited Additions website is not as good as it used to be. You could always try Hartstrings.com also. A little pricey but nicely coordinated clothing.



Jules614 - November 5

lili - That is nice that we both have kids so close in age. We ca compare war stories.. he he he

Marina - How did your transfer go?

Lisa - It won't be long until your boys are home.

Meg - We are so incredibly blessed. I still think about what I have and tears come to my eyes. Having children is such an amazing gift one I will never take for granted.

LyLy - You are in my thoughts - let those numbers rise.. 8)

Not much new here. Kaitlyn is for the most part sleeping through the night. Hubby and Samantha are sick so I am taking care of them.



lili246 - November 5

yes that is right we can share our stories :)

I know what you mean being along in this while dh works all the time, don't you have anyone else watching over you, because you can deliver anytime girl.
Yes you sure are strong.
So you have a daughter, how old is she?

Hey that would be nice if you dress the twins the same I bet they will look gorgeous. :)

How are the boys doing? So when do they come home?

Have a great day!!



jenfrancis - November 5

lili - my dd is 15. But she is in school all day. I do have my dh family about an hour away, some live 4 hours away. But if I need to go to the hospital, I have a stick shift, so it will be me driving.

So I have been trying to take it easy while he is gone.

He will be back Friday.

I am doing ok.


Jade - November 5

Meg~ Thanks for the websites for clothes. I will have to check them out and see if I can find something. I would love for them to be dressed alike, but also to be able to tell who is boy and who is girl (not for me, but people I send pixs to lol)

Jen~ I feel your pain about bedrest. I was on strict bedrest from week 16- week 34 and it was truely the longest 5 months of my life, but looking back it was well worth it. I spent my time upstairs (couldnt walk to kitchen). Dh would bring me breakfast at 5 am (as he left for work) and my g-parents brought me lunch and then I had to entertain myself until dh came home at 7. It was lonely and miserable. I got out of the house every week for my appt and otherwise stuck in bed except everyother day shower and bathroom.......It will be over soon and you will be so excited to move around without pain.

Lyly~ Have you heard yet?

Lili~ What are you planning on getting Angel for his birthday?

Jules~ Sucks being in charge of taking care of everyone when they are sick. Hopefully you wont' get it too. That is great that Kaitlyn is sleeping through the night.


Jules614 - November 5

Jade - check out freecycle.org - People with twins always donate free clothes. I have gievn away so much through them as well as received a lot of stuff for Kaitlyn.



lyly14 - November 5

Hi girls- The dr just called and left me a message that my beta was 8042. I can't believe it, I am in shock and how much it went up. If you follow the doubling rule it should have only reached about 7000 by tomorrow. And my I haven't had any spotting since yesterday afternoon.


lili246 - November 5

Wow don't know about those number as much but hey they seem promising and way up there fromw hat you said. I am so happy for you especially if the spotting has stopped that is great news girl. Keep us posted and good luck!

Wow your dd is a grown up young lady she will be a great help when they girls arrive which is good.
But I feel sorry that you are along all day and wow your family sure live kinda far away. Please try to take it easy and relax everything will turn out great you'll see.

I don't know what I will be getting Angel for his birthday I will need to search around..lol What do you recommend?


Jade - November 5

Lyly~ That is great news. When is your u/s, next week? I know you are so excited and I am so glad your spotting stopped!!


jenfrancis - November 5

WHat the?????? OH man!!!! That was me Lyly - I went up like 4 times the amount in 2 weeks!!!! Wow.
I cant wait for the U/S!! Cant wait to see how many!
Now I am shocked!

Great tho! I am so happy the bleeding/spotting stopped. Thank you so much for being there for me last night! YOu are a wonderful listener!

Awesome! So Wednesday U/S I will be waiting!!!


JasJulesMom - November 5

Lyly- So great that your numbers went up so much. I am so happy for you.

Took baby for ge appointment today and things did not go great. The drs could not decide if they heard a heart mermur or not. They told me when I come back in two weeks they might know more. I was not happy with that answer although neither doctor seemed too worried. I am going to take her for an eco cardiogram tomorrow with a peds cardiologist, Screw the two weeks, I just do not want to wait. Hopefully all is well and my baby is ok.I am so scared and nervous.


Jules614 - November 5

wow lyly - maybe it is triplets! i am so happy for you! you deserve this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Jade - November 5

JasJules~ I hope everything is okay with your little one. We had the same issue with one of my babies. They heard heart murmur several times while she was in the hospital. But the drs assured me it was common in newborns and most of the time will correct themselves. But I would have it checked out just to make sure.



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