IVF anyone?
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JasJulesMom - July 30

Sorry to hear about infection Jen hope you feel better.

Julie I am fighting off a sore throat also, I think dd passed it on. yuk

Glad to hear things are doing well for you lyly. Soon you and Marina will have your BFP!!


Jules614 - July 30

JasJulesMom - Yeah I am a little run down. Hubby got me ice cream. I am going to watch So you think you can dance and then I am going to bed.



JasJulesMom - July 31

Well, still feeling like crap today and the heat just makes it worse. Feel like locking myself in a freezer...lol

Hope everyone is doing well. Marina are you feeling any better?

Jamie any symptoms yet?

Lyly- Hope you get good news tomorrow and things continue to progress for Aug 6/9


Jules614 - July 31

JasjulesMom - I don't feel well either - my cold is in my head now - sinuses and headache -

Plus, my hemorrhoids are back so it hurts to walk and sit 8( I am laying on the couch using my lap top. I have an OB appointmrnt today.



lyly14 - July 31

Julie and Debbie - Sorry you are both not feeling well, I hope you feel better quickly.

I am getting a little nervous myself. My asthma has been acting up and they wont give me anesthia if I am wheezing. I wasn't concerned at first because I only had slight wheezing early in the morning last friday and then nothing all day, but now it is getting more frequent. I haven't had problems with it for so long and now everytime I go to do FET or IVF I have an attack. Arrrggggg >:( Well I started my inhaler in the hopes it doesn't get worse and it clears it up quickly. Fingers crossed.


JasJulesMom - July 31

I hope the inhaler works for you Lyly. I know how much it would suck if you had to put off retrieval. I have my fingers and toes crossed for you also.

Julie maybe OB will have good news and baby is getting ready to arrive!!!


Marina - July 31

Hi guys
Just got a call from embryology lab.13 eggs fertilized,9 look good at this time,she said between 2 to 4 cells.Should it be more?She said it's day 2,but I'm a little confused now.How do they count days?My retrieval was on Tuesday and they want to do transfer on Sunday-maybe Monday.Sunday will be 5 days-why would I go until Monday?My DH called the clinic and now they are saying Saturday-which is complitely nuts for both of us-we did not ecxpect Sat.!We both have full day of work-I have 5 people for the wedding up-do's that would be just a horrible thing to cancel on!I really really hope they'll get this strait until I have a nervious breakdown!
What the hell is this all about-their schedules or nobody want's to work on Sunday?!


Jules614 - July 31

Lyly - I hear you on the asthma. I have it as well and as the baby is up high I tend to wheeze. At least you can still take your inhalers. I took mine during my pregnancy. When you get pregnant, you will be able to take yours as well.

I went for my 37 week appointment (will be 37 weeks tomorrow) It went pretty good. They took my blood pressure without having me lay on my left side and it was around 130/90 – the second I went on my left side, it went down to 106/60. I lost a pound which is good considering I gained 5 last week. Kaitlyn's heart beat was around 145-148 again. I had the OB check me for dilation but at the moment and I not dilated at all nor am I effaced. Kaitlyn is high and being stubborn! The OB did say my cervix is starting to soften so hopefully I will be dilated at my 38 week appointment. I am guessing I passed my strep culture because nothing was ever said to me. I will go back in a week. Chances are I am going 40 weeks this time...



JasJulesMom - July 31

MArina- Sorry things are so stressful. Try to stay calm, you do not want to get yourself upset. You want to be in the best possible mind frame during the transfer.

Julie- May be things will change quickly and you will get a suprise next week. I know how you feel though, I went 40 weeks with dd before decided to do a c section because she was a moose...lol


Jules614 - July 31

JasJulesMom - I hope you are right. I am so sick of being pregnant! I want to meet Kaitlyn sooo bad.



bdantonio - July 31

jules i was induced with the first child at 39 weeks and she still didnt want to come out i ended with a c-section.


Jules614 - July 31

bdantonio - how come they induced you at 39 weeks? My place won't induc euntil 42 weeks unless there are complications.



vw79girl - July 31

long post but...Girls: :)
wanted to give you the skinny on my u/s today.
pics will be on Live Space and our website: www.easysite.com/fedorBOYS shortly
first off, the u/s went well. Got 8 good pics of the buggers. The smaller of the two: Paul is kicking and hitting Ben already lol. greeeat. heard and saw the hb. one at 156 and the other 140. Ben(the larger of the two) is breached and may stay that way, who knows. So I most likely would have had to have a C Sect. anyway. Paul’s feet and legs are what seems to be kicking at my ribs as he is head down the way he is supposed to be. Everything was fine with both of them, they still have plenty of room to grow and their measurements are on target with me which is good. They are hoping I can go @ 34-36 weeks. I am hoping for 36 or even 37 but I know that is a stretch. A girl @ my size just went full term and delivered two healthy babies...so we’ll see. They were both pretty active during the u/s and it was so great to see them both doing well.

Paul only has 2 vessels that go to the umbilical cord from what they can see and it’s been that way for some time. The dr. said they haven’t had an issue with this type of case in @ 10 years but it does happen. I got a little scared when he told me a woman with twins was fine three days prior to delivery and on the day of delivery, the one with only 2 valves and not 3 was still born. Why do they tell us these things? Do I need to know this? At my anatomy scan, My main OB said that it wasn’t a concern as the kidneys were both there and formed and fine. So I am trying to just keep thinking positive and go by what I was originally told. I kind of hate that we see all of the OB’s in the office but I guess they like you to get to know everyone in case your regular one isn’t there. I have read a bit on line and actually feel better about it and am not going to worry. He is growing fine and everything else has come back normal.

We cancelled our 3D u/s as the tech told me today she would sneak one for free if possible. She didn’t want us to spend $250 and not be able to see anything. With Ben breached and the mesh from my hernia surgeries, it makes it tough. Also she said with multiples, they can’t always get good 3D’s. I would rather chance her doing it for free and we will have an u/s in another month so that will be fine.

as for me: blood pressure is fine. I am 148 which means I gained 25 lbs. since my 8th week or 35 from before the stims. either way, the OB and nurse both said I am fine and weight is not a concern to them. They told me that I look great considering I am carrying two and should eat as much as I want. :) so.....off to dinner tonight with Greg and friends :)
thinking of you my girls and hope you all will keep my little guys in your prayers.
I’ll do personals later. A little overwhelmed still.


vw79girl - July 31

p.s. Glucose test next time around. That stuff looks like Orange soda but I know it isn't as yummy. I will just pretend. lol


Jules614 - July 31

Lisa - It sounds like you had a very productive u/s. I am sorry to hear about the concern of your LO's heart but based on what you have said and what the doc has said, there is not much need for worry as long as the kidney's are developed. I would not worry about the LO being breecch at this time as it is still too early to predict of he will move. Just stay positive. The most important factor is that your LO's have a healthy heartbeat and are developing nicely.

I had a rough day today. Samantha is really pushing my buttons and her preschool is passing the buck with blame when things come up. It is a long story and I am very upset. Needless to say, I am researching new places.



bdantonio - August 1

Jules64: I was induced by request. I do not have easy pregnancies, I have always been bedridden the entire time. With my first i kept having the contractions really bad and going to the hospital but i would never progress and they would send me home. Also being small statue 5'2" By the time i am 36 weeks i have a hard time breathing with them on my lungs. At my 39 week check up i was not progressing or anything however i was contracting every 5 minutes, and she was not dropping. I asked to be induces i told her i wasnt sleeping, couldnt breathe, and was in to much pain. This was a friday she put me in to be induced sunday. I went in and was induced. I had the medicine for 20 hrs and never got past 3cm. at that time my body was worn out, my blood preassure was up from the stress and i started to get a fever. I got to the first 3 cm in the first hour, and they broke my water, so they were scared of infevtion so i had a c-section, which i did not care at that point i just wanted her out. Afte they did my c-section as soon as they were done my fever was gone and my blood presure went back to normal, so they just told me my body was done with labor that it couldnt take no more which i could of told them that. My last pg i opted for the c-section i did not ever want to do labor again.



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