Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 11

well everyone i am back from the ob all is well cervix is still closed. Baby is low though. She also thinks she is really long. My ob does not think i will make it to me c-section day. I was havingcontractions while there. She said anytime after 36 weeks she will let me have the baby. Talk to all later


lucky - December 11

hie girls
i hope u all r doing well , girls am very worried iv started to bleed, i was not told aboat this i am near my retrieval
and have a scan for my folicules size on the thursday, is there any one that know y ,i hope i dont need to drop my treatment i feel like crying, ?????????????????????????????


Brianandjena - December 11

I dont know why either. I would call my Doc. maybe its a hormone making this happen and no big deal. Im not sure But I would definantly call the doc. to be on the safe side and clear ur mind.
*HUG* praying for you.


Brianandjena - December 11

HI yes I am on my 2ww. I did clomid and iui and trigger shot,
I am peeing my butt off. I have never woke up from sleep to pee. But I have been doing that, maybe the meds are making me do that. the shot or something.


lucky - December 11

[quote author=Brianandjena link=board=15;threadid=5003;start=#44479 date=1197411039]
I dont know why either. I would call my Doc. maybe its a hormone making this happen and no big deal. Im not sure But I would definantly call the doc. to be on the safe side and clear ur mind.
*HUG* praying for you.


jena thank u so much for ur reply and concern,
Am i was reading some postes at this forum fertility friends some one had the same problem as me evev through out ratrieval and transfer and 2ww, but the bad news is it putts ur chances down for pregnansi not shore just read it need to confirm it with the docs first thing tommarow morning please pray for me as u did i know. : ???
take care lotts of love lucky

lotts of baby dust take care


Marina - December 11

Sounds like you are PG,my 1st symptom was waking up at night around 4a.m from a wierd dream-I peed on a couch!So,had make a quick run to the little girls room...
why they didn't stich you and let you have contractions if your baby low?
Sounds like you had very difficult day!I asked my doc about my job,he said-gloves and mask should be fine,but in reality he was like-girl,what do you want from me,I got you PG,everything else is your problem,quit your job if you want...If something bad happens-call me.
Sweetheart,don't you think?But I'm not complaining,no way,I pray for his talent every day!
How is everybody else doctors,are they nice?


JENNY22074 - December 11

Jena - girl where are you on the 2ww...My first symptom also was the whole bladder thing...I used to be able to hold it for hours and then during my 2ww I was always in the bathroom and sometimes I had just made it there...That was my first symptom and it has stayed with me since then...The little man likes to lay across my bladder most days...So it sounds good to me so far...

Beth - you have some questionable doctors for your whole family if you ask me...Thank you for your reply...They will know more about what they are going to do by the end of the month...It seems that most people get stitched and put on bedrest...I guess only time will tell..

Marina - my doctor's from the RE to the OB have certainly been awesome...I developed a friendship with my RE and when I deliver at the hospital where his office is also located he is going to come and visit me and the baby while we recover...He also visited me after my gastric bypass...I had been going to him for 6 years...My OB's have addressed each and every concern that I have had even if it was one that they have heard many times or even to them was stupid...They have always been like if you have a problem or question call and we will help you out...It seems like their concerns are my concerns as well...I can't say enough about about the doctors and staff at the GREATER BALTIMORE MEDICAL CENTER...Talk to you all later.


Marina - December 11

jenny,you r lucky with your doc.Like I said,I can't complain(gosh i got PG after 1st IVF !What can be better!) But from what I noticed with everybody in my RE office they all very distant to everybody,very artificial.Once in a while, smile would be nice,I think.O well,the most important - it worked,I know,like you said,we willl worry every day untill the end(and after that-for the rest of our lifes).My regular OB is very sweet lady,very good and famous surgeon,so i'm glad I'm done with RE.


lucky - December 12

Hie jena marina and jenny
I rang my clinic today because they dont have 24 hour emergency line which is stressing me out and instead giving some nice response the nurse was like,this is no emergency this has stressed me out i dont think i like the clinic very much i have had better experience, but any way she said its not normal and that am going tomarrow as pland and they shall see further from there.
i dont think every thing seems normal????????????? i dont know but am very dissapointed witk the attitude of the clinic maibe because its not private, r u all going prvate?tell me a bit aboat ur clinic experience i hope its better then myn.
lotts of baby dust


bdantonio - December 12

Marina: The reason that they wont stitch me closed is my cervix is not shortened or dialated. Its still hard and closed. I had a c-section with my first due to faliure to progress. I never dialated with her. Even with 20 hrs of induced labor. I prolly wont dilate now either, however if my contracts get to 10 mins apart or less at 36 weeks or later they will let me have my c-section early. With my daughter everytime this happened and i didnt dilate they would pump me up with fluids at the hospital to stop the contractions since i was not dialting and send me home and then it would just happen again. According to the dr this baby is bigger then my first that is why i am so uncomfortable. My first was 6lbs 9oz 19inches long. This one is measuring almost 5lbs now and 19 inches now. She is estimating close to 8lbs at birth and 21+inches. With my first daughter she actually cracked some ribs, so im hoping this one stays low so that doesnt happen again.

Jenny: When it comes to my OB i love her, she is always there for me. But stictching me close wont do anything for me.

Lucky: The RE i went to was not considered a clinic it was a private practice and i could call 24/7. They answered all and every question in detail. They even call me once a month now to see how i am.


Marina - December 12

Hi lucky,you better ask you doc about your bleeding,I've never heard before anybody bleed right before ovulation,sound not right.Let us know after your apt with them and good luck!From what I understand all our IVF clinics are independent(or privat),in most states insurance don't cover IVF.I think it doesn't matter if it privat or not,it's all up to people's personalities and how they treat you.My clinic very famous in our state,they got 2 offices.People in my- not the friendliest people,even the pregnant receptionist never smiles...But nurses are fine.They would answer all your concerns...but the rest of personel very official and distant.In the other office where they do all the procedures people very outgoing,easy and friendly.

Beth,your baby is a biggy little one!Maybe that's why she wants to come out already-there is no room there for her!What do you feed her?(lol) Wait at least untill 32 weeks.Than you can give your family a lovely Christmas present!
Jenny,try to take it easy,it's not fun to end up on a bedrest,i know that.My friend was stiched since 26 weeks,but they wanted her to go in labor at 38(because her placenta was aging fast),and even had to make her do some exercize to go to labor(because by that time kids changed their minds and didn't want to come out).So,behive yourself!


bdantonio - December 12

Marina: Yeah ill wait until at least 36 weeks. I want her lungs completely developed. I am just glad that i dnt have to push this baby out if she is that big. The dr said even if i show up at the hospital 7 cm i can get my c-section. I have no desire to push .


JENNY22074 - December 12

Marina - thanks you for the advice...My doctor has restricted my work hours to no more then 4 hours a day for now...So when I am not at work I am either laying on the couch or in the bed feeling him move around a lot...Hope all is well with you...Talk to you soon.


bdantonio - December 13

Jenny did they talk about stiching you closed at all


JENNY22074 - December 13

Beth - not at the present time...They are not going to re-check me unless something happens until the end of the month...They are only talking work hour restriction and lots of bedrest...It is normal just on the short/thin side of normal...They believe this should be the trick and everything will be okay...I have to call them at the first sign of cramping, abnormal discharge, etc....If it goes past where it is now then they will certainly talk stitching ...It has ben mentioned as a possibility just not at the present time.


bdantonio - December 13

Thats good. Now just stay off your feet as much as possible.



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