Starting the dreaded wait again....
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liz - July 3


I just started the 2ww on Sat. after a cycle of Repronex. I was wonderful if anyone out there is also in the wait?!

Baby dust to everyone.


tracylee - July 6

Hey Liz, I am in the 2ww as well! :) 4 DPO today. I go to the doctor's tomorrow for my CD22 blood work. Hoping for better news then I received last month! Hoping this is my month, as is [b][/b]! How are you doing?



tracylee - July 6

Hoping this is my month, as is [b][/b]!

That is supposed to say "Hoping this is my month, as is EVERYONE!" Not sure what happened when I tried to BOLD!



liz - July 6

Hi Tracy

Great to hear from you. I was thinking about my "cycle" buddy, hoping all was well.

As for me, I am ok. Trying very hard to stay positive. Yesterday I had bw which showed my estodiol level is at 102, they want greater than 100. So I am right on the edge. They had me do a "booster" shot of hcg last night to give me overies a kick! I am nervous. My progersterone was great at 17.6. I also go tomorrow for bw again.

How are you feeling?

Good luck tomorrow and let me know how you make out.



tracylee - July 7

Good morning Liz! Best wishes to you today! :)

I am hoping for higher progesterone levels than last month, that is for sure. I am trying to be optimistic, but then again, I don't want to be disappointed, so I am trying to prepare either way. I'm not sure how long it will take for them to let me know the results. I have an appointment with a fertility specialist on July 13, so I can continue working on this! I am hoping that I won't need that appointment, but then again, I also know that they may be able to offer me what my obgyn cannot! So, we'll see!

Hope your bw goes well, have a great day!



liz - July 7

Hello Tracy, How are you doing today?

I had my bw done this morning, just got the results. They are both great. Estrodiol went up to 135 and the Progersterone up to 28.6. The booster shot seemed to work. I have to do it again tomorrow to keep the levels up.

Did you get your results back yet? I am keeping my fingers crossed you have good news.

Making the step to see a fertility specialists is a huge step, I am sure you will be very pleased. Except for the fact you (like we all do) wish you would be able to cancel because you got your bfp this month. Actually the 13th the would be before you are due for a beta test right? After my m/c my gyn (after running alot of tests since it was my 3rd m/c) sent me over to ther fertility department. It worked out great for me, one day I was in one room for gyn and the next in another room for fertility. I am happy with my doc. He comes with a very good reputation and the nurses are wonderful.

Hope you are having a good day. Talk to you soon.


tracylee - July 7

Liz -

Sounds like you received some great news today! I am excited for you!

I did not get my results today, not until Monday. Oh well...I did pick up the copies of my bloodwork to bring with me to the specialist. They are confusing, but part of the problem is that the levels are supposed to be taken on CD 3 and I don't think mine were taken on CD 23! SO at first I was thinking, great, it will never happen, then I think maybe the specialist will say disregard all that! Who knows!

I am thrilled for you, though! Hoping you have a great weekend! When do you go back for bw?



liz - July 8

Hello Tracy, How are you doing today?

What blood tests did you have drawn that you got results back for? I think that, but don't quote me the only test that must be done on cd 3 is FSH. I have had sooooooooooooo many blood tests it is not even funny. Fortunatly for me they all came back normal, except of course my low estrodiol level. I know it is hard but try not to get to worked up ove the blood work. I know I always received copies of my bw and I would be like "oh no that is high, now what, its never going to happen for me." Then I would go to the re and they would tell me I am just fine. They are the ones that went to school for this stuff right? My dh always tells me I read to much and sometimes that makes me think I know exactly what is going on and of course that is not correct at all.

How are you feeling otherwise, anything different? I am crampy, but who knows it could all be from the Progersterone suppositories I have to take at bed and in the am.

I do not go for my beta test until Monday 7/17. I was originally scheduled for 7/14, however since I am doing the booster of hcg again they want to wait and to make sure I don't get a "false postive". Thats fine with me anyway we are going camping with my family next weekend and I would have hated to get bad news before the trip. That sounds negative, I should not say that, I am hoping and praying it is a bfp for both of us.

Hope you are having a great weekend, talk to you soon.



tracylee - July 9

The blood tests which I received copies of were my FSH, LH, Prolactin, Progesteron, etc. All taken on Day 23. And my FSH and LH levels are what he has used to diagnose me as PCOS. I don't know. I walked out of the office VERY disappointed, but then after doing research, I decided that the results were probably not real reliable. So, may be wishful thinking on my part, but I will wait and be evaluated by the RE, before putting any value of the test results.

Otherwise I am feeling well. Gassy and sore BBs, but it happens when I am on Clomid, so I have learned not to read much into that! I have no scheduled day for my pregnancy test, OBGYN just stated to call back if I didn't get AF. I am sure the RE will run one when I am there on Thursday.

Camping sounds fun, haven't done that in years! I'm sure it will be a nice distraction for you!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend as well, I'm going to get out and try and get some sun today!



liz - July 10

Good morning Tracy
How was your weekend? I live in Pa and we had beautiful weather. Less humid then it has been which makes me very happy. :)

Try not to worry to much about your bw results from cd 23. I know it is much easier said then done (I should take my own advice). When you go to see the re this week he/she will be able to shed more light on the situation. When I went from gyn to the re it made a world of difference. That is what they do and have so many answers to your questions. I always ask a ton of questions and when they give me the answers I come home and research them on the internet and books. I guess I am alittle compulsive. :)

When I was on the Clomid I had so many side effects and it was very difficult to tell what was medicine induced. I always look for anything that could possibly give me some hope of a BFP. I think we are all like that, our desires to be a mommy makes us crazy, or atleast it sure makes me crazy. ha

I will be thinking about you today, hoping that you get some good news with your bw results. Let me know how you make out.

Take care,


tracylee - July 10


My doctor's office did not get back the results, last I heard. I called this afternoon, but they weren't in yet. Oh well, tomorrow, I guess!

How are you feeling, besides nervous and anxious???



liz - July 11

Hi Tracy,

Sorry to hear you didn't get your results back yet. :( i knwo the wait is a killer. Hopefully today.

How are you feeling? Anything different? Only a couple more days till the re. I bet you have both excitement and nervous feelings. Atleast that is how it was for me. I was so excited to be able to get some answers and a plan, but I was so nervous they would tell me something I didn't want to hear.

I am not feeling so good this morning. Alittle sick on the stomach. Probably just a side effect of the progesterone suppositories, who knows. All I know is I feel crappy.

I will be thinking about you today, let me know how things are going.

Talk to you soon


tracylee - July 11

Okay, they FINALLY called. My level on Friday, which was 5DPO was 23.4. So I actually ovulated! I am thrilled....getting my hopes up I am sure, but still happy just to actually know that I O'd!

I hope you are feeling better than you were this morning! Are you?



Shdy Grove 2 - July 11

I'm new to the board and have really enjoyed reading the postings. It is nice to read how everyone is progressing and to know all of us are going thru the same thing.

I started my 2nd IVF, did the transfer on 6/29 and go in for the preg test on 7/19. My first IVF attempt was successful. (we did the shared risk program ironically)We transferred three embies, 1 rating and two at three rating. I had my DD in January of 2005. What a blessing she is. Now we said we would do one try for a second child. Since we only had one 1 rated embie last time, I incorporated acupunture with the IVF and they uped my meds. I'm 34 but have a family history of early menopause. This time we transferred two 1 rated embie, the other two while making it to the blast stage were not able to be cryoed. So this is a one shot deal. UGH, the waiting is hard. Last time I would have sworn up and down I wasn't pregnant and I was. This time my BBS started feeling fuller at day 9 and I'm tired and have felt nausous a few times - but reading the progesterone labels those are common side effects. It is hard not to read into things. Part of me wants to set a A or B plan, so when I get the news either way at least I have a plan in place to look towards and get exctied about... actually its really only if I get a BFN that I need an alternate plan for. What an emotional roller coaster.

So if any of you are in the wait I would love to hear from you. I read of another woman who must have gone to Shady Grove and she had a BFP. (NEW to this I had to look up these abbreviations) It seems for every posititve there is a negative... I tell myself it is really out of our hands, what is meant to be will be....



liz - July 11

Hi Tracy,

Congrats! I am so happy for you and your positve progesterone results. 23.4 is great! Maybe this is a sign. I will keep my fingers crossed.

I am not feeling much different then I was this morning. Still got the crampy thing going on and spells of feeling like I am going to be sick. I don't know about this, I didn't have these side effects to this extent on the progesterone before. ???

How are you feeling?

Hi Jen,
Welcome to the board. Congrats on your daughter. IVF was a success for you! I sincerely hope you can get the same results this time around.
I test on the 17th, so we are close.
I am also on the progesterone suppositories. I was on them before and had some nasty side effects of so I thought. When I was on them before and had the side effects I was on Clomid, now this month I was on Repronex. I don't have near as many side affects so I am thinkign it was more the Clomid then the progesterone. Not sure, have cramping and twingy feelings down low on and off since day 5-6. Today 10dpo it is pretty much constant. I am also as I am sure you saw feeling like I might be sick at times. Oh, well I am trying not to get my hopes up yet.

I will talk to you soon.
Take care


tracylee - July 12

Good Morning Liz and Welcome Jen!

Liz - I hope you are feeling better this morning!

Jen - Best wishes to you in your efforts! We are all around the same DPO!

I am feeling okay, tired but okay. Sore bbs, but like I have said before, I KNOW this is a side effect of the Clomid! My appointment with the RE is tomorrow, so I am VERY anxious today, just want the day to fly by! I will try to keep busy!

Hope you both are feeling well today!



liz - July 12

Good morning Tracy :)

1 more day! I am very excited for you, as I am sure you are for yourself. Do you have your list of questions fo them? I always go with quite a lenghty list, they know with me it won't be quick. :)

I am feeling a little better this morning. I still have the crampy/twingy feeling. I haven't felt like I was going to be sick yet today so that is a good thing I guess.

I will be thinking about you hoping your day flys by for you!

Take care,



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