2 week wait - symptoms
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nadiaaboutaleb - March 31

thanx jamielee. i tested 12 days post transfer. congratulations for your bfp. Do you have twins? did you test 48 hours later? What are the symptoms you are having now? I know it is so normal to feel nervous but also so exciting i still can't believe it i feel i am dreaming. To want a baby so much and not be able to have it is a nightmare i really wish no one goes through that. I wish everyone can pop babies when they want :)



valerie - March 31

Wow!! I'm really jealous of those HCG numbers.
Mine have really started out low....I was 16 ten days post transfer and jumped to 69 then 155

I don't go back until Wednesday. My doctors were concerned with the low HCG which is why I had 3 blood tests back to back. I'm doubling so that's the important thing. I'll feel much better when I'm in the 1000's on Wednesday! Keeping myself positive!



jamielee - March 31

My first test was 11dpt and the 2nd was 3 days later. Right now I am just really tired around lunch time. Sometimes certain smells bother me but I feel ok so far. I wish I had more symptoms but I am just 5 weeks yesterday so I know they will come soon. Keep us posted I'm sure you will be fine with numbers like those!!


nadiaaboutaleb - March 31

don't worry valerie my sister in law when she was pregnant she started very low too and the doctor was concerned but she was doubling every 48 hours so that is the important thing. and now she has a beautiful healthy girl. As for me i had bad experience with this doubling issue so i am hoping this time my numbers will double. I keep praying things will go well.



nadiaaboutaleb - March 31

me too certain smells bother me. We don't really have to experience any symptoms. my best friend is 4 and a half months pregnant and she didn't experience any symptoms nothing at all till now. and her pregnancy is going great. She is very lucky and i hope we can be as lucky.


jamielee - March 31

I know I hope your right. I have no reason to worry since I've never miscarried. I lost one due to an ectopic but since then have had my tubes removed so the risk is gone. I think the whole ivf process takes a lot out of you! I think we will be fine!!


trababy - March 31

Congratulations Nadia, It is so great to hear when someone gets a BFP with their first IVF b/c that is what I am gearing up to do in June. I wish i could do it earlier but I heard it is pretty intense and I am assuming that would require some time off work. I went for my 4th iui today- I am going to try to relax with this one b/c I almost feel as though iui is not the way it will happen. That is why I love hearing all the IVF stories. I have also started acupuncture- I like it a lit but due to $ I can only go every other week. The last time I went it was definitely more intense, not painful but I def. felt my body humming. Best wishes to all. Can't wait to hear all updates.


doglover - March 31

Yeah Nadia!!!!
I am so excited to hear it turned out well! Please keep us updated. I hope everyone's good luck rubs off on me. I will be doing my test next Saturday for my first IVF!! I am so glad everyone is doing well-Lindsay

P.S. Is it abnormal that my breasts do not hurt on the progesterone or did people develop this later in the process and think it was related to their positive pregnancy?


trababy - March 31

Much luck to you doglover! I cant wait to see how it turns out.


JaneX - March 31

Congratulations Nadia - those are high numbers! There may be more than one in there??? Did the Dr mention they were high?

Tra - I got pregnant with my first IVF so it does happen. Then I had one that didn't work and now this one (number 3) and it has worked (a little too well some might say). Anyway, stay positive and hopefully the first time will be the charm.

Valerie - Are you just having another blood test on Wednesday or will they give you a scan. I am going for another scan on Wednesday and it can not come fast enough!

Take care everyone.


jamielee - April 1

Lindsay, My breasts were not sore until a little over a week into my 2ww, and even now they come and go but never to bad!

Jane, How are you I've been thinking of you! Are you feeling any better about everything?


nadiaaboutaleb - April 1

Thanx to everyone.. Lindsay, my boobs didn't hurst till the 2ww period ended. and they don't hurt much at all. Even today only the right boob does.

Jane- I will know tomorrow when i do the next HCG if i have more than one in there.

Tra- keep your hopes high hopefully you won't need to go through IVF and you will be pregnant before june. And by the way I didn't find IVF to be that difficult compared to IUI. Almost same medications and injections. And the egg collection wasn't that bad so don't wory. you just have to rest for a couple of days that is it.


JaneX - April 1

Thanks for your thoughts Jamielee - I am scared stiff to tell the truth. I am living in hope that when I go back there will only be two there! I just don't know what I will do otherwise. I have been looking on the internet about reduction down to two. I am thinking about that at the moment but who knows.

Nadia - will you have a scan tomorrow? I didn't think they could tell by your hCG numbers how many were there. Anyway, good luck.



nadiaaboutaleb - April 1

No my doctor doesn't like to do a scan before i am 6 weeks pregnant to see a heartbeat. but yes you can know by the HCG numbers if you have more than one. if the number more than doubles in 48 hours then you can have more than one. Will let you know tomorrow. Jane - when do you go for your scan? keep me posted on what is going on. good luck.


vw79girl - April 1

Jane, how many did they put in? Hang in there. I would probably feel the same way. Just take care of yourself and who knows, like you said maybe there will only be two by the time you go again for an US. When do you go?

We are hoping to start another cycle at the end of April. I hate the waiting. If I hadn't gotten pregnant at all, we would be in the middle of another cycle right now so it's kind of frustrating.

Valerie~ I found a great website to calculate your due date with IVF: http://www.ivf.ca/calcu.htm



valerie - April 1

Jane - they are doing blood and a scan. My ob/gyn nurse thought it was too soon for a scan but my IVF doctor wants it.......can they see anything at this stage when it's too early for heartbeat?
Are they looking for sac's and yolks like I've heard mentioned on this forum?

I had to do my IVF out of state because of the HLA typing to match my son. I was only at my IVF doctor for retrieval and implant....everything else is done local.

Lisa- thanks for the calculator!! Funny...when I enter my LMP my due date is December 1st. When I enter my egg retrieval date my due date is November 28th. I would think the egg retrieval date would be more accurate but who knows?



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