It's Twins!!!!!!
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sblanton2 - February 20

Found out today it is definetly twins, they saw two little heartbeats on the u/s today. I am so happy. ;D
How is everyone else out there? Fiso, how bout you have you had your u/s yet? Let us know.


baby4us - February 21

Wow.. twins... wow!!!!! Congratulations!!

Isn't it amazing to see the heartbeat(s)!!!!


fiso - February 21

Hi there. Well, we have a heart beat too!! It's unbelievable! And for us, it was really incredible. Yesterday, I had a lot of nasty cramps in the morning. and in the afternoon, all the sudden, I started feeling blood running along my leg. I went to the bathroom (we were at Barnes and Noble, not the most private place) and I saw lots of bright red blood. I lost it. I thought that that was another m/c. I call my doc and he asked me to come this morning to check it out. We had a horrible end of week-end,. This morning, DH took the day off to go with me. We really expected the worse. But then, on the u/s, the doc showed us one heart beat. He said not to worry about the bleeding, to tkeep an eye on it and to go for another u/s next week. I was so in shocked, we were both so prepared for another m/c. So, here we are!!

Congrats Sylvia!!!! You will have your hands full!!

Baby4us, how are you feeling?


justme - February 21

Silvia, How exicting! Congrats on the twins!!

Fiso, I am glad everything is ok. You must have been so scared.


sblanton2 - February 21

Thank you all, yes we are thrilled. My youngest daughter will be 10 in May(from my previous marriage) so my dh really wanted twins so that our child would not be like an only child. This has been a great experience and one that I wouldn't change for the world. I guess when I was younger getting pregnant with the girls it didn't seem like quite the miracle it does now. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughters but it was so easy I kinda took it for granted. These last 5 years with my DH trying without success has really made me appreciate the process and every little milestone.
Fiso, I am so happy you had good news, I would have been scared to deathtake it easy and take care of yourself.
Thank you all for your kind words it means a lot at this point from all of you, my family is great but they have no idea what kind of roller coaster ride this is. Thank you all.


fiso - February 21

Roller Coaster, that's the name of the game. Unless someone has been in our shoes it's hard for them to understand. My mother in law knew that I was p/g and she called yesterday out of the blue. When she asked me how I was, I told her what was going on. This morning I was happy to call her to tell her that I was fine, but I realized that I had taken her on a ride on our roller coaster! My mother in law is really cool, she is like a mom to me, since mine is in Europe and I don't get to see her often.

I'm so exhausted today, it's from all the emotions from yesterday and this morning when we found out that everything was fine. DH was funny he told me that when the doc said look here is the heart beat, I said, what do you mean you see a heart beat! Like are you crazy? I'm still bleeding not as much, but I found big clumps of tissue..... I'm still not 100% reassured...

Justme, how are you doing? May is only a few months away!


sblanton2 - February 21

take it easy and the best thing you can do is relax as hard as that might be right now. Take comfort that you saw your baby's heartbeat and enjoy every moment.
Just me, how are you doing? Hope all is well.



celia m - February 21

Oh my, how awesome!!!! Congrats


snindy - February 22

Congrats sylvia!!!!!
It's booming w/ twins out here!!!! Some time in the future we should have a gathering of all of us who got pregnant w/ singletons, twins or triplets. Let all our hard work pay off and celebrate that we finally did it. Maybe a central location for everyone, a big weekend thing. It could be a Shared Journey reunion.....



sblanton2 - February 22

Thanks for the Congrats...I was just relieved to see both heartbeats on the u/s. I have done the singleton pregnancy 4 times, this twin thing is a little scary to me. I am going to Barnes and Noble today to get a book on the subject. Are there extra dietary needs, will I feel more movement, how much earlier can I expect them to arrive. All those questions that are going through my mind. I am thrilled of course but this is a whole new ballgame for me. LOL Did you have all those questions?



snindy - February 22

I still have questions about certain things but there was one book that helped me out. It's called The everything twins, triplets and more book. My husband got it at Barnes and Noble.
My dr said she would like the twins to come out around week 36 or 37. So twins may come a month early, it's all depending on how your feeling and how the blood pressure is doing.
Eat a lot of protein, when your craving junk food, throw in protein instead.
Take fish oil pills, this helps with your heart and vascular system and is also good for the babies.
I still haven't felt movement but if your on the skinnier side you might feel them as early as 4 months. Since I'm heavier, I'm not showing that much and feel nothing yet. Let me tell you that it hasn't hit me yet that I'm having twins..... I don't know if I'm still in shock or won't believe it until they are in my arms.....



sblanton2 - February 22

Believe it or not I just read this post and I picked the exact same book up today at Barnes and Noble. They had 4 but this one seemed more readable.
I don't crave junk food....all I want is ice water, oranges, pineapple and humus. The Doc says that is a good thing. Just looking at chocolate make me want to hurl. I've recently added yogurt to the list of things I want to eat. Strange I know, with my daughters there was at least one really terrible thing I used to want. Maybe as the pregnancy progresses.
Well, take care Cindy and believe me I am about to dive into that book now.



allegonda - February 23

Congratulations Sylvia what great news.

Fiso, so good to hear that you heard the heart beat, rest up and looking forward to more good news from you.




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