Any New BFP's
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liz - August 12

Hello everyone -

Just wondering if anyone has recently received a BFP?

I got my BFP on Tues. I was 11 dpo. I had taken an hpt on Mon. and it came back positive. I didn't believe it so I took 3 more between Mon. and Tues. am before I finally called the doc for bw.

I would love to hear from anyone who is entering their journey to motherhood.

Take care,


HeatherMak - August 12

Congratulations, Liz!!

Though I'm not at the beginning of my journey, I wish you the best to you as you start your journey!!

It's a wonderful, exciting, crazy time and I hope you enjoy every minute of it!!

Keep us posted!!!

Welcome and, again, congratulations!!!



liz - August 13

Hi Heather -

Thank you very much for your kind words.

I find myself saying "can this be". I am still I guess you could say in shock. I think we probably all go through that stage. I am going to feel much better once I have the u/s next week.

I seem to have the same symptoms as last time but much earlier. I wish I could figure out what to do about the leg cramps I get so badly and the constipation (sorry about that). I have read alot about the consitpation and doing everything I can there, but can't seem to find much on the leg cramps. Everything I find is about leg cramps later in pg.

Congrats to you on your little boy and best of luck to you in your journey for #2.

Take care,


HeatherMak - August 13


Thanks for YOUR kind words!!

I found that I was saying "can this be" until the day we brought our DS home from the hospital!! It was a very strange thing to have struggled for so long and suddenly to have this baby - the entire pregnancy I was just so stunned that I was ACTUALLY and finally pregnant - and actually and finally HAD a baby!! So, don't worry if you say that a lot these days!! ;) I think it's totally natural and normal!!

Sorry about the problems you're having...I found that if I did some stretches, my legs didn't crap so easily. EASY stretches, but stretches for the calves did wonders for me.

Also, you might try FruitEze for the constipation. That is NOT something you want to deal with the ENTIRE time...check out their website at:

It's an easy problem to fix, but most certainly a very pesky one!!

Thanks for your kind words and I wish you a truly wonderful pregnancy!!

Keep us posted!!



liz - August 13

Hi Heather -

Thanks for the advice and the website. I checked it out. Have you tried it? Just wondering how bad it is. :) The prune part of it makes me wonder.

This is my 4th pregnancy and unfortunatly the others ended in m/c in the first trimester. I think I am so intuned to that I find myself at moments thinking oh my god what if it happens again. I know I need to relax and believe me I do it is just sometimes these thoughts creep up on me and I get very nervous. I have been having such af like cramps and of course that makes me paranoid. I have read many women who suffer these types of cramps but you know the mind it is always worried something is wrong. I just know I will feel much better after the u/s on the 21st.

I can only imagine the joy you must have felt once your little boy was safe in your arms. The journey for many of us to actually get pg is often long and stressful, then the 9 month journey of often more stressful times can be overwhelming.

Thanks again for your advice.



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