Sharing ED's
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intenshn - January 31

I am a 3X successful GS, and have recently had an unsuccessful 4th IVF attempt. All 3 of the successful transfers included anywhere from 2-7 embies and took on the first try, but this last time, there was only 1 embie. The RE did not tell my IF's that it was poor quality, and allowed the transfer anyway. We found out a couple weeks later that we probably shouldn't have wasted the time or energy for it.

It was strange, because the ED had almost 30 great looking eggs retrieved, and on day 3 of fertilization, there were still over 20 viable embies. We were all shocked to see only 1 embie make it to the 5 day transfer time.

But my question is this: for the second attempt, 2 months later, my IF's were talked into sharing an ED with another set of IP's. I began having my estrogen/progesterone levels checked, and was waiting for AF to start, when we get a call from the RE that he has already stimulated the ED several days before, and he is cancelling OUR transfer!! (obviously contining with the other IP's). Is this common to not wait for both GS's to start meds? We are trying to get answers. I really blew up at the RE, and he "let me go" from his program. My IF's cancelled with his clinic, feeling unable to trust him anymore.

Is this a normal occurence when sharing ED's? Why would an RE stimulate the ED without having both GS's ready to accept the embies?

Thank you.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - January 31

I donot perform procedures to share embryos. There is the potential ethical issue of distribution of embryos if there are very few quality embryos.. I am sorry, but I do not know how programs that share embryos conduct their protocols.


intenshn - January 31

I had the same concerns. If you take out the equation of 2 recipients, it still would not be prudent to stimulate the ED before starting the GS on her meds, is that correct?

Thank you.


B. Jacobs, M. D. - February 1

Actually, I start preparing the endometrium of the gestational carrier before I start stimulating the egg donor.



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