non doubling beta
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Asunflower - April 30

I had my first beta on Thursday it was 202 which I hear is a great starting number. Had to go back today for 2nd beta and it was only 248. I am not to happy about that. I have to go back on tuesday to check it again. Should I be worried that I may miscarry? What are your thoughts on the betas? Is it ok for it not to double right away if you start with a high number?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - April 30

In a normal pregnancy, the hCG level should at least double every 48 hours. In medicated cycle, where there could be more than 1 embryo implanting, you may see a poor rise initially, if 1 drops out, and a subsequent double, as it should.
Good luck.


Asunflower - May 1

So it really is not lookking too good then. I did have 2 embryos implanted. Will Tuesdya's beta be a better sign as to what is going on? Why did the Beta go up? I thought I should only be worried if it stayed the same or went down. I have read on here where others have had similar betas and their pregnancy worked out. One girl even still had twins. IS there anything I can do to help ther pregnancy along? I have never gotten my progesterone checked but I get 1cc a day. Would that be a factor?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 1

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do, except wait, and, maybe, pray.
Good luck.


Asunflower - May 2

Well the numbers went down to 104 today. It is a done deal. What may have caused me to start out with such high numbers? Just curious at this point in time.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 3

You may have started out with more than 1 embryo implanting, but none of them surviving. Only 1/3 to, maybe, 1/2 of the eggs a woman produces are capable of a successful pregnancy. Also, not all the sperm are capable of a good pregnancy.
My regrets for your loss.


Asunflower - May 3

We did ICSI. I thought that helped to determine chich sperm were good.

Also, can a man's sperm count go up or is it always low? Our only infertility problem is a low sperm count. I had all the tests done. We were wondering if his count could change. IS there anything you know of that he could take to help his count?


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - May 3

Some men do have variable semen parameters. At least as important as count and motility is morphology. In my experience, very few labs provide useful information about morphology. Done in a specialty andrology laboratory, morphology correlates well with the ability of the sperm to penetrate eggs.
Good luck.



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