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angel - August 8 9:27am

Hi! I've just undergone IUI 3days ago and was wondering if I can still go through my normal exercise routine or if it is best to completely rest. I normally do 1-2hrs of cardio activity 3x/week (tennis,brisk walking or swimming) and 3x weight training (light weights not more than 20lbs). My problem is, because of clomid I gained so much and started doing the program to at least maintain my weight, this time around I moved to a new drug called letrozole with an hcg injection a day before IUI, so I was wondering if I shud cut back completely or I can still do physical activity? Please advise.


Barry Jacobs, M. D. - August 8 7:40pm

There is no reason that IUI should interfere with your exercise program.
Good luck.

Alexandra Soden - April 23 9:34am

I had IUI done 4 days ago and wonder if I am OK to do my runing of between 3-5 miles from today onwards?

Barry Jacobs, M. D. - April 23 11:10am

IUI is one form of artificial insemination. It is only a thereapeutic substitute for intercourse. In fact, IUI puts the sperm where they cannot run out when you stand up. There is no reason not to resume your usual activity after IUI.
Good luck.


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