Do I have hypogonadism? Primary or secondary?
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brian7470 - July 9

Hi. I'm a 36 year old male, about 5'6 158 lbs. I've been pretty sedentary for the past year and put on some lbs. I've just started an exercise/diet program and thought that I would get all my CBC, Lipid, and Metabolic done. I also asked for a T test because my libido and erections were really sad. Nothing like a few years ago. Everything came back excellent (HDL a little low) except for the T(Total). It was 175 @ 9AM in the morning! (Ref 241-827) My LH was fine 2.4, reference 1.5-9.3. We did another test a few days later...224. The prolactin test came back @ 13.9 (ref 2.0-18.0)...I just bought the Fertell test for sperm count/motility and will post the results. I've been referred to an endocrinologist but I'm pulling my hair out, hoping it not primary as I'd like to have kids. What's going on with me??? ??? :'(


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 9

The endocrinologist who evaluates you will have to determine the diagnosis. Whatever that may be, if you have sperm production, it is possible to help you produce a pregnancy, even if it requires injecting sperm into eggs.
Good luck.


brian7470 - July 9

Thanks, Dr. Jacobs. If it's secondary, does hCG usually work? (I know every case is different) Thanks.


brian7470 - July 10

Well, I just got the fertell results. My motile sperm count is good. Over 10 million/mm (WHO standard) I'm really perplexed...doesn't low sperm count go along with low T?


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 10

Actually, the lower limit of normal sperm concentratation in the ejaculate is 20 million/ ml. Your count is low. For the purposes of fertility, motility and, very important, morphology of the sperm are also important. For more informatioin, please see our web site, <>.
Good luck.


brian7470 - July 11

Thanks again Dr. Jacobs...I think I mispoke. The Fertell exam (in-home) measures motile sperm. It just lets you know if you are over the WHO threshold for motile sperm. According to what I've read, I think I most likely have some sort of secondary hypogonadism. But I have made an appt with an endocrinologist. Thanks



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