Conceive @40 yrs old
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muslimah diva - March 14

I would like to know do age have anything to do with it.Meaning I 40 yrs old the DRS. say nothing wrong tube are open been married for 13 yrs and my husband also do not have kids.Really was go to divoce over this matter until I found ovulex going to give that a try.But hat do u thing.PLS HELP


anniekate - March 14

Dr. Jacobs,
Monday 3/12 we received a postivie pregnancy test after our first IVF. My beta came back at 2600 14days post transfer. I went in for an ultrasound yesterday at around 4weeks6days and they couldn't see the gestational sacs, just a stripe that the doctor said is where they would expect the pregnancy to be developing.

My question is: should I be concerned at all that the sacs were not yet visible ? The reason for my concern is that a resident looked at me before the doctor came in and went on for five minutes about the fact that nothing could be located in the uterus and it scared me. The doctor tried to assure me that it didn't worry him a bit because the "stripe" was there and my numbers are so high, and he didn't expect to see more at this stage.

I would so appreciate your take on this because I won't have another ultrasound until April 2nd.


Annie Kate


B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 16

I perform an ultrasound at about 5 to 6 weeks after retrieval. I really do not expect to see a gestational sac before 4 weeks after transfer, or a fetal heart before 5 weeks after transfer. If you still have an apprpriate hCG determination at greater than 4 weeks after transfer, and there is no gestational sac in the uterus, you may have a tubal pregnancy.
Good luck.


anniekate - March 16

Dr. Jacobs,
If I understand you correctly, I should not have expected to see anything on the u/s since it was only 2 weeks and 1 day post transfer. I am scheduled to go back in in three weeks (4/6), which will be around 5 1/2 weeks post transfer. At that point I should see sacs and possibly a heartbeat?? Thank you, Doctor.



B. Jacobs, M. D. - March 17

I do not know how old the embryos were on day of transfer. If your ultrasound is performed 5 to 6 weeks after fertilzation, I would expect to see a fetal heart, in a good pregnancy.
Good luck.


anniekate - March 17

Dr. Jacobs,

Fertilization was on February 21st, which is still only 4 weeks ago! The transfer of day 5 blastocysts was February 26, which is still less than three weeks ago.
So it sounds like I should not have expected to see anything on an u/s last week.

The only reason I had an ultrasound so early was that I had pain in my right ovary from all the stimulation, and while looking at it, a resident made comments about not seeing anything in my uterus, and because of that, I asked this question.

I will go in on April 6th when I am six weeks past fertilization and about five weeks past the 5 day blast transfer. At that point, we should see a sac(s) and heartbeat(s), right?

Thanks for your patience. This is all new to us. We really appreciate your availablity.


anniekate & hubby



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