Climbing HCG Levels... yet abnormal?
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AmyR - July 6

Hi there Dr Jacobs,
After getting BFP my HCG levels have gone from 23 to 42 to 21 and I stopped Prog injections and Estrogen, then levels went to 28, then 57. I was scheduled for an US yesterday and the Dr could not find the pregnancy in my uterus and the tube (I only have right) looked clear but it was hard to tell. He gave me 2 choices, 1. to go ahead with the methlytrexate now and it will destroy pg wherever it is, or 2. to see what numbers do and maybe do a D&C and if it's not in the uterus then go with the methyltrexate then. THe only downside is that I cannot try again for a few months after the shot... Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Amy BW came back today with HCG up to 106???


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 6



B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 6

Without knowing all the details of your medical circumstances, I cannot provide meaningful information. It is possible you started out with more than 1 implantation, and one, or more dropped out, leaving a surviving pregnancy. There is also a significant chance you have a tubal pregnacy. You do deserve further evaluation.
Good luck.


AmyR - July 7

Sorry I was not thorough with the info, but I do thank you for reviewing it anyway. I had a ET on 5/29 2 embryo's were transfered. On 6/9 I tested positive and HCG was 23, on 6/13 HCG was 42, 6/19 it was 21, and i stopped prog. and estrogen and my HCG level on 6/26 was 28, on 6/30 up to 57, had an US on 7/5/06 which revealed nothing. PG was not found and I had BW on that day, and it was 106. I was advised to go for BW on MOnday and we'll see what the numbers are then and decide what to do. I am hopeful that the numbers will decrease on their own. Thanks Amy


B. Jacobs, M. D. - July 7

I am sorry, from what you describe, it does not sound like you have a good pregnancy. If you had an IVF cycle, it is not likely that you have a tubal pregnancy. Otherwise, it is a possibility.
Good luck.



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