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Mahogany Heart - June 10

Thank you Angelz9, he has really warmed my heart and I'm ready to start ttc again. I have to wait until my body heal first you know.


Charity - June 11

Hi - thank you all so much for your warm wishes! Everything is great here, though so busy. I start back to work next week, so I am trying to savor every moment with Rowan. I am also trying to figure out how to post pictures here and hope to have one for you soon!

MahoganyHeart - CONGRATULATIONS! Chance is so perfect! I love his hair!

Lili - how are you feeling?


lili246 - June 11

It is nice to hear from you girl :)
I am glad that everything is going well :)

I am doing good thank good and will be going to the doctor today, they cancel my last appointment so hope I can hear my baby again.

That is to bad that you have to go to work that soon. You will miss that lil one.

Take care and hope to hear from you more often.

Love ya


Charity - June 11

I hope this works! This is a picture of Rowan from her first week - she has already grown so much!


lili246 - June 11

OMG she is big and very pretty. Does she looks like you? wow that is awesome that she is doign well and she is growing. You are going to miss her alot. So are you working full time?
Enjoy her as much as you can because they grow fast.

Do you have another child that is going to be 3 years old?


Mahogany Heart - June 11


Thank you so much. He will be two weeks this Thursday.
Rowan is so pretty and wide awake. Sitting up there in here pink. God is so good. I can't wait to I try again for my daughter. That way Chance will have a sister to take care of and watch over.


How are you?


lili246 - June 11

I am glad that Chance is doing good. Hey girl we need to finish our conversation from last week. Send me a message when you can I am always next to the computer to respond back to you ok.

Well I am doing good. I am getting ready to go to my doctor's appointment today after work. I had my previous one cancel so I will see the doctor for the first time today and have all that first time thing done.
I will try to get a early u/s to check on the development on my baby.
I will let you know what she says.

Love ya



Charity - June 11

Hi Lili,

Good luck at the doctor!

I made a mistake on the ticker the first time on the date, Rowan is my first baby.


Charity - June 13

Hi Mahogany Heart,

Good luck on TTC for your daughter. We are looking forward to trying for our son - we are going to start trying in December.


Mahogany Heart - June 14

Wow Charity,

That is when I decided to start back but I'm going to start the November cycle. I pray I get one a cycle. I may need to start October Cycle due to my irregular cycles so if I need to get my meds I can.


MommyDreams - June 14

Magohany Heart -- First of all Congratulations!! My question is how soon after you stopped ovulex did you do the clomid treatment? Was it the very next AF?


Mahogany Heart - June 15


Thank you. Actually the Ovulex did not help me at all. I was hundred and somethng days without cycle while on Ovulex. I quit the ouvlex and started the provera because I knew the provera would give me a cycle. All that was in 2005. I never use the Ovulex in 2006 I use what I knew would work in 2006 and I got a BFP later that year and now I have Chance and I'm going to try again for a Daughter using the same plans.


MommyDreams - June 15

MH -- Yeah I have used clomid last year. Those times I had a perfect 34 day cycle. Without clomid my cycles are around 45-54 days or so. I'm pretty sure I did ovulate on clomid, but was too dry down there to conceive. I really did not know about preseed during that time. I think I would of conceived if I would of used it. Our kids would be around the same age right now. Anyway I've been on ovulex for 2 mths and 2 wks. I should ovulate soon. When I do confirm ovulation I'm going to stop ovulex until a BFP or AF. If AF comes I will do another clomid treatment and had preseed, prenatal vit., and OPK to the mix.


Mahogany Heart - June 15


Add some green tea as well. I did the lipton green tea in the bottle during the day and at night DH would brew me some in a mug. That really worked. Talk to your Doctor about Prometrium and Ovidrel and supernatural baby dust. I want to try the Ovidrel but am afraid it maybe more than one baby and DH will hit the roof at first but he will adjust to his children. Right now Chance is everything to him.

Hugs and Love
Mahogany Heart


Yukon Queen - June 15

Please does green tea make so much defference?pls reply.Thanks


Stacey85 - June 18

Wow Charity Rowan is beautiful bet you are gonna miss her when you go bk to work.

Stacey xx



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