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pauline - April 27

Hi, i have recently had my first cycle of IVF and had embryo implanted on tues 28th March. Had positive pregnancy test on 12th April and then on 14th April i started my period heavy for 4 days and got a negative pregnancy result during and after period. Mentally i have accepted i am not pregnant but physically am not doing so well. I have had nausia since before my period started and it is getting worse and feeling faint reguarly and my stools have become a lighter colour. I keep thinking the nausia will go away but its not and its 4 weeks now. I did a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Is it normal to feel so nausius and tired and faint for this long after using fertility drugs. I appreciate any advice. Pauline


Red7 - April 27

Hi Did you get a Blood beta HCG pregnancy test done to confirm if you are still pregnant or not? Or did you do just a pregnancy urine test? Blood Beta Pregnancy test is the only way to tell if you are still pregnant or not. My Friend had the same thing happen to her, She had a positive Urine pregnancy test, than started her period.She had a very heavy period with big blood clots, She told there was not way she could still be pregnant. ,She even took a another urine pregnancy test and that it came out negative, I told her to go to her Doctor and get a Blood Beta done, So she did, Well it turned she was still pregnant, She gave birth to a Baby Bay. Another thing is if you are not pregnant you could be sick and need to be checked out by your Doctor. And have some blood test drawn to see whats going in your body,to see that's making you feel so sick. Good Luck.


pauline - April 28

Hi thanks for your reply. I made an appointment to see my doctor. Unfortunately the appointment is not till Monday 11th May. Nearly 2 weeks to wait. I am not going to build my hopes up incase it is the fertility drugs coming out my system. Also i am due my period on the 10th May so i can wait and see if the period comes or not. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it all drives you crazy. pauline


Red7 - April 28

HI Pauline So are you on your two week wait? I am also on my 2 week wait and this is the part I hate the most.But I have finialy learned to quit worrying about it so much,It just stresses you out if you worry about it so much.I have herd if a woman gets stressed out it will stop the egg or eggs from implanting into the uterus.So now I just Pray to GOD and watch good movies or read good Books to keep my mind off of it. At first when I started my infertility meds ,I got really sick,tired and nausea. But after a while my body adjusted to it and never got sick again. I hope you get a BFP on your test. Tons and Tons of Baby dust your way!!!


pauline - April 28

No its not my two week wait, it is now 4 weeks since the embyo was implanted and i am sick, tired, nausia and feeling faint everyday/ Think probably because of the fertility drugs and i dont know how long these synmptoms can last for. My story is i had a posotive result then period then negative result but feeling sick and dogtired everyday. I wish you luck on your two weeks. How many cycle of IVF have you had. you seem quite chilled out about it lol. I think i have booked an acupuncturist appointment for 15th May to help me with my next cycle of IVF. got to get over this one first. Just want to stop feeling sick. pauline


pauline - April 28

I have not had a blood beta HCG pregnancy test done.I got my IVF abroad and then i came home to Scotland. I then went to my nearest IVF hospital after complaining my side was sore and they gave me an ultrascan to look for etopic. The doctor was reluctant to give me a HCG blood beta test and told me that if i was pregnant it would show positive on the urine stick. I have since heard and read many stories that this is not always the case. However, the doctor made me feel stupid for enquiring about false negatives. They took my blood and tested for infection only because i was feeling sick this was 2 weeks ago and i am still feeling sick, nausius and faint. They said probably side effects of drugs. Pauline


Red7 - April 29

Hi Pauline, You need a Blood beta pregnancy test Done. I think you could still be pregnant.That Doctor who told you that if your urine pregnancy test comes out negative than your not pregnant. That's not true! My husband said one of this female clerks that works at his store. Kept on telling my Husband that she was sick all the time and she was sick for 2 and one half months, So my Husband asked her what are your symptoms.After she told my Husband what they were, He said are you sure your not pregnant and she said No way because I have taken about 14 urine pregnancy test and they are all coming out negative, So My Husband told her she should go to the Doctor and get a Blood beta done to rule out pregnancy,So she went and got a blood pregnancy test done. She was pregnant! and not only that, She was 3 months pregnant!! And the urine pregnancy tests she took never showed up positive at all the whole 2 and a half months that she took them. , She was in shock and so was her Boyfriend.The infertility meds you took should be out of your body by now , That is why I am thinking you could still be pregnant but it is not showing up on a urine test, If I were you I would go to a different Doctor and get a Blood beta pregnancy test done so you will know for sure if you are pregnant or not. Good Luck!!!



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