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angbc182006 - September 27

Hi i'm new to this who thing and i've been taking ovulex for 14 days now and i've read all the stories about ovulex andi've gotten the same thing with ovulex i got cramps and bath room visits alot and moody for like 2 days but now jsut little cramps onmy side of my stomach ..... but i recently just had discharge for like 4-5 days and cramping with it??? is this ovulation or what??? i think it was ... and if so did any women get pregnant right away with it??? i hope ovulex works!!! good luck to all and baby dust to all of you!!!


ticklinivory - September 27

Renee and Ange,
My temp did go up again yesterday back to 97.7 and I did forget to temp this morning, oops. I was getting mild cramps for about a hour and then that was it. maybe i will get lucky this month. I will be so excited if I did O, just to know that happened would make me ecstatic. I did have a good amount of cm I didn't check to see what kind it is though. Oh and ange an answer to your bloated question is yeah all the time.


ticklinivory - September 27

Thank you also for your insights. I will keep that in mind and hopefully when I temp tomorrow morning it will be higher.


Ange - September 27

Welcome Angbc I can't answer your questions sorry. I am waiting approval from my doctor to start ovulex cause I am on another medication.

It sounds like you did so that is great news. That is the first step. ;)

OH!!! how I want to know now if it is positive or negative I can't wait till saturday to test. I hate suppense it drives me crazy



hopeluck - September 27


Thankyou so much for your kind response. You seem to be getting just closer, wish you good luck for a fat BFP!!

I feel may be i need to change my RE too. This unexplained thig really kills. Renee Was your retained placenta tissue found by uterus ultrasound alone and does this effect fertility a lot? Did the doctor prescribe any medication or anything else to remove this? I was reading that it sometimes happen after child delivery, not sure though..did you have any prior delivery before. Hope to hear from. Thanks a lot.


hopeluck - September 27

Hi I sometimes visit this forum and really find it a wonderful place. I would like to know if anyone has read the e-book "Miracle Do Happen" by Carol Andrews and had any luck conceiving with her secret that she claims made her pregnant after 5 years of ttc. Please let me know if anyone has any experience. Her site http://www.become-pregnant.com/. Thanks a lot.


RJC - September 28




twinky - September 28

thanks for welcoming me too. just to give you a brief backgound of myself. im 34 and Dh is 37. we're 7 years into marriage and still counting...hehehe. i have a very irregular AF eversince and somehow this affects my whole system. anyway, husband has a low sperm count and he finished taking medications (Andriol) for 2 months. we need to check again the count anytime. i had my last AF july 26 and took ovulex sept 12 until now still waiting for that period. im experiencing soreness in my breast and its some kind of painful. i know AF is just around the corner. well, hope this would help us conceive but of course we all need divine intervention!! so let's us not lose heart..praying also for you all..take care and God bless..


designer girl - September 28

I haven't posted here for a while. How are you all? I am so excited that my ovulex arrived & I have been on it for 2 weeks now. My menses already seem better as I finally got back the normal cucle pattern . If this doesn't work then I will have to go back to the fertility specialist, so fingers crossed. Have any of you seen that site http://ovulex19.forumer.com/ I went there to view & found new hope on this stuff because everthing I read had NO follow up success stories. Well, the ovulex sites did, but they also stated their stories were actors based on real stories- what does that mean? I don't know? How many here are on ovulex as I would like to see how you are doing. Does anyone actually have a success story I would love to hear it as I need some hope! Anyway I am on the ovulex now so wish me luck & PLEASE send me baby dust :-)
designer girl


designer girl - September 28

[quote author=HopingAndSharing link=board=4;threadid=3005;start=0#25300 date=1157888050]
Hi there, am still awaiting my bottle of Ovulex. The person who I am buying it off has just told me not to do anything for the first 4 weeks of taking Ovulex?!!!

Is this right? I don't think I can abstain for 4 weeks?! And what difference do you think it would make waiting 4 weeks?
Hello, I just read your message & I was wondering who actually said that to you? Where did you purchase it from? I have been on for two weeks & no one has said that for me & I am supposed to DTD this weekend. HELP??? confused
designer girl


ticklinivory - September 28

My temp keeps fluctuating from 97.3 and then 97.7 and this morning was 97.3 again. Hasn't gone up yet as it should so I'm hoping it will. I believe I did O but no temp evidence of it.

Welcome to all the newbies. Designer girl, I'm on ovulex and been on it for a week and a half now. I believe I did O but not sure if I've seen it in temps yet. I have PCOS and usually don't O or have af. I haven't had af since but hopefully Oing is a start.


Ange - September 28

Denise are you taking you temps at the same time every day before you get up from bed? I wouldn't worry about the drop again wait till tomorrow and temp again to see if it changes.

Welcome RJC! Keep the positive attitude!

Welcome Twinky! I hope your dh counts has got up keep us posted.

Baby dust to all!!!!!!!


ticklinivory - September 28

I pretty much wake up at the same time every morning except for weekends. how much difference does it make if you take it in bed or if you take it in the bathroom first thing? I have a digital one and it beeps and dh is still asleep when I leave for work and I don't like to wake him. I have to be at work by usually 7:30 and him between 8 and 8:30. Any ideas, thanks for helping me. I really do appreciate it.


RNORST - September 28

Well ladies my temps went down a little it was 98.4. A little sad but not giving up hope yet. This cycle is so different, still have very, very sore boobs, temps are still above 98.1, I have been having pains and little cramps since Sunday. If my temps are still up, I my test tommorrow, I will just have to see what they are, hate to test and see a BFN. I'm going to keep my head up no matter what happens, God will bless me with another child.

Ange, How are things today? Are you still bloated, I'am.
Good luck and keep me posted. Are you going to test Sat.?

Angbe182006, welcome to the group. What cd are you on? I have also been having cramps for the last 5 days.
Good luck.

Desiner Girl, Good luck, hope everything works out for you.

Denise, keep you head up, with faith in God it will happen. Good luck.

Hopeluck, I had a utrlasound and thats how she found the retain tissue. My Re said it can cause your uterus to be inflammed, I don't even know if I can get preg. until that is taken care of. They did not put me on any med. I have to go back on the 5th day of my next cycle and they are going to do another test to see if its on my lining or in the muscle. If its on the lining she will scrap it off that day and hopefully we can get preg. on our own. If its in the mucsle, we will have to do fertility treatments. And yes, the retain plcanta tissuse is from after I had my son, he is 4 1/2. I also read if you have your baby early that can happen, I went in to labor with Will 3 1/2 weeks early. Yes, I have read "miracle do happen" I bought it, it had some interesting thing. Did you buy the copy? I will send you a copy instead of paying 30 or 40 dollars.

RJC, welcome to our group, Goodluck.

Twinky, Good luck and keep us posted.

Lili, your boss is 85.WOW. He probably is grumpy. My temps when down little, hoping they are high again tommorrow or at leat the same as today. I won't be getting as much exceited as I'm , but I have never had cramps and pains like this for 9 DPO till even now. Sure wish this would work so I wouldn't have to go though that test. Feeling OK today?

Well, I'm still praying for everyone.




Ange - September 28


You won't get a correct reading if you get out of bed. It is best if you do it while laying down. Find a way to muffle the beep sound so it is not so loud so dh can still sleep (bubble wrap, face cloth) As soon as you move around your temp changes. good luck

Well today I thought I was getting AF early. I got up and my stomach gurgled so loud. But nothing yet so fingers are still crosses. Bloated ???? I think is not the word anymore I am calling it the little girl on my lap. YOu know men can have a little guy on their lap well........ voila I got one now lol.


lili246 - September 28

yes that is his age 85. Well I am feeling some nauseas today. Even last night I thought I was going to vomit, but no just nauseas.
I have been having a hard week this week because of the arrangements I am doing for my son's birthday. it's ok I want to make him very happy on his birthday. I want him to have fun and have a wonderful birthday party. Well tomorrow is his birthday and saturday his birthday party so it's around the corner and need to get everything prepared.
Well don't give up, my temps. were very weired they would go up and down, hopefully this is your case and would get that bfp. I will be praying for you. I think it's your time.
Take Care!




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