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shan1234 - May 25


Welcome to the 2ww club!! :)

To all the other ladies, Good Luck!!

Baby Dust!!



wantafamily - May 25

Hey ladies,

Renee, I have seen Facing the Giants, but maybe it is time to watch it again. You are so postive and strong. I always try to praise God when AF shows up but sometimes I feel like I am just doing lip service, and I don't mean it. I still read my Bible just about everyday as an act of faithfulness. I feel better today, I think I just kind of hit a wall, but I have to say I still don't have much hope for getting pg anymore. Of course we will keep trying and praying, and also praying for all of you on the board too. It does help to be able to "talk" to women who are in the same boat.

So, I have a really dumb question - what do you mean by 2ww? Is it 2 week wait or something like that?

Anyway, good luck to all of you with your bding, Dr. visits, IUIs, and etc. I will keep praying for all of you!



destinybaby - May 25

Hey ladies,

Things are going very well thanks. Yes if everything continues well then ER should be next week.


ER means egg retrieval. I remember I was just as clueless with the abbriv... I know you will get that BFP very soon.



RNORST - May 25

Jess, Good luck sounds like you got your days covered with bd!!

Shara, My progest. levels are normal, as far as I know. After my last IUI I did progest also. Did your re say any thing about only taking clomid 3 cycles? My old re said she would not have me on clomid for over 3 cycle, I think it can cause cancer. If I needed help for more then 3 IUI, I would have to move on to injectables. Well I think we both have been though almost all the fertility test possiable. You have a dd that is 10, did you have any trouble ttc her? I have a son that is 5 and I had no problem getting preg. I had a m/c before him and with both preg I got preg the first month we tried.

Heather, 2ww is the two week wait after O. I'm sorry if I have already asked you this, but have you ever been to a fertility doc? They can really help you. I know it hard to keep postive, but try your hardest, when we get down and dont think we can concieve, satan is winning the battle. This Bible verse that always helps me out, Mark 11:22 "Have faith in God. I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain (infertility), May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea, and it will happen. But you must really BELIEVE it will happen and have NO DOUBT in your heart. I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you BELIEVE that you've received it, it will be yours.
Hope this helps you.

Love Renee


lili246 - May 25

I wish you all a great 3 days weekend. YAY finally an extra day off from work. I really need
I am so happy and hope we all have a great one and enjoy it.
I hope this long weekend helps all of you in the 2ww to relax and please keep the faith. I am so sure that we will be having more BFP. Lets trust in GOD!

I will miss you all sisters. :)

Love Lili and lil jelly bean :)


Jess - May 25

Hey girls!! How is everyone?? For all the girls in the 2ww, I'm praying for you!!! I will be 8weeks on Tuesday and it's really kicking my butt!! I have had such terrible morning sickness and lately it's been lasting ALL DAY!:( I don't know what to do... I've tried maylox, zantac, tums, B6, sprite, soda crackers.... Does anyone have any suggestions??? I am feeling terrible. I am having a lot of trouble eating. My stomach is just to upset. I'm not throwing up, I just feel like I'm going to all the time:( I know my hormones are going crazy because I have diarhea every morning.(TMI)

If you girls have anything, anything at all that you think might help.... PLEASE let me know.

Thanks!!! Baby dust to all!!


lili246 - May 25

I know how you feel girl because I was feeling the same way with those nauseas and never throw up only once but very little. I actually didn't take anything because I am so afraid it might not be good for the baby you know. But I didn't do anything about those nauseas I just had to cope with them but thank god that they went away well I should say some did. Because for some reason I am having trouble going to the bathroom and that gives me
I just recoommend to hang in there girl and just cope with it if anything is helping.
So you are not eating anything? My was the opposite I am eating alot I mean alot :)
About the diarhea I know what you mean because I did have that 2 days ago and don't know why. But lets hang in here and I invite yout o come and join me at the new forum I did called recent BFP, success stories, see you there and share our stories for other girls we might be able to give them some advise. ;)

Best wishes!!

Love Lili


Shara - May 26

Thank you for the clarification and I am praying for you. You will get through this with much success!!

My RE did mention that she would not keep me on clomid if I did not get pregnant quickly since my cycles tried to regulate after the twins. I also did not have any trouble getting pregnant with dd. I was almost three months before I knew what was going on. I was sick and thought nothing of it. Don't you wish you could find out 3 months in and then already be through the roughest part now!!!!

Lili -
Be sure you take care of yourself this weekend! you will need it.

Sorry babes but the whole m/s ordeal is mother's nature cruel joke on us women LOL! I do not have any rememdies because nothing ever worked for me either. I just got as much as I could and kept something on my stomach - small snacks not never big meals and as frequent as possible. I did throw up so having something there I guess made me mentally feel better.

Good luck to us all!!!


destinybaby - May 26

Hi ladies,

Another good day at the doctor's. :)
The dr told me today that ER may be wednesday or thursday. :D. I tell you, once you start these meds everything just goes so fast. I have to go back tomorrow morning for more b/w. I excited, but also nervous as well.




Shara - May 27

I am praying for you and I hope everything goes well for you!!!

I am just counting down the days and hoping everything will go as hoping - good luck to all of us in 2ww


shan1234 - May 27

Shara -- I see you have 3 days until testing. How are you feeling? Do you have any pg symptoms?

Baby Dust!!



Shara - May 28

Morning Shan

The only thing that is going on different is that I have bloating and some cramping - so I don't know what to think because these are not typical AF symptoms for me! I am praying for the best!!


Jade - May 28

Hi Ladies. Hope everyone had a great long weekend. Hope someone has some good news to report soon.....

As for me I am going to be back in the ttc journey soon. I am having a D and C done Wednesday morning. UGG! I had some spotting on Friday night that turned into bleeding Sat night. I called the RE who met me at his office Sunday morning and told me the heart had stopped probably Friday. SO that is that. I am actually okay with it believe it or not. I havent even shed a tear about it which is strange for me bc I am an emotional person anyway. SO i am pretty proud of that - I thought I would be crushed..... But I guess deep down I knew what the outcome would be and I am relieved to know that it is over and I had already shed plenty of tears 2 weeks again when they told me a blighted ovum. He said we can start trying again after 1 normal cycle. Problem is i dont have a normal we will see!!!


Shara - May 28


I am sorry for your loss. Did your RE talk to you about walking you through a normal cycle. For example with me, I took metformin (pcos), progesterone to start cycle and then clomid cd3 - cd7 and the ovidrel on cd 14 or 15 whichever yielded a likely candidate to see how you respond. i started in april with the lowest doses of the medications and then with the final increase (metformin 1700mg daily and clomid 100mg and first time with ovidrel shot) in august which yielded a BFP. I haven't read what your ttc journey was before or what medications you were on so I help this was help- take care and we will be celebrating you again!!!


Jade - May 28

I tried clomid 1 cycle- but it caused lining to be too thin. He switched me to femara (same idea as clomid with less side effects) 2.5 mg for 2 cycles. Then I increased to 5mg with trigger and that is when I got a BFP. He did a post cotial test that had not good results when I od and said next time we would do IUI. SO I got lucky somehow and 1 sperm made it....... I havent talked to him about if I still need IUI or not. I just have to wait for 1 cycle before I can start again with femara. He said he won't wait more than 40 days. If I dont have af before then he will give me provera to start AF....... So now I wait..


Shara - May 28


we are all in this together so don't feel alone. Anytime you feel the need we are here for you! :-*



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