Is Anyone Cycling in March
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Asunflower - March 28

Things are going so smoothly for you! Keep positive. The progesterone shots are hard and so is the waiting process. Do yourself a favor and don't do too much reading about the IVF process during that wait time. You will just worry yourself and it is not good for you body. Get lots of rest and let everyone pamper you! You deserve it! Good luck on Wednesday! Everything will go great!


Kris - March 28

Thanks for all of your support and tips I hope things continue to go smoothly. My dh took all of my books away so I would not over analyze everything (he knows me too well). Good luck at the RE tomorrow I hope you get to start your stims. On your first cycle did your RE have you on steroids and antibiotics before retrieval they said it would help the embryo implant. Well I am going to go try and relax before tomorrow. I willl let you know how it goes and if any of the eggs fertilize.
I have my fingers crossed for a great sono and E2 result for tomorrow.


shansy - March 28

Hello everyone-

Kris- Sounds like everything is going very nicely :) Yeah!! Good luck at your next appt.

Well, I went back to RE yesterday and my U/S revealed that my follicles have gotten a bit bigger, but not any of them are big enough to feel confident in yet. My E2 came back at 242 for CD13 as opposed to 101 on CD10, so I guess that is a good sign that it went up a bit.

I am to go back once again on Thursday (CD16!) for another u/s and bloodwork. There is not an IUI date in sight yet. I asked about the "post mature" follicles and the nurse said that I shouldn't worry about that- she said that would show up in the labs. So I am putting my trust in them and trying not to worry so much...although it is hard not to do! :-\



Kris - March 29

Hi Everyone,
I had my egg retrieval this morning they were able to retrieve 21 eggs however one was not viable. We find out tomorrow if any of them fertilized, DH and I have our fingers crossed. Well I am off to catch some zs.


Asunflower - March 29

Glad to hear all went well Kris! Relax! The hard part is over. Yes I was on antibiotics prior to egg retrieval. No steroids though. Sounds like you had a great retrieval. Let me know how the fertilization went!


Lani - March 29

Hey Kris
Congrats on making it through the retrival and that is great that they got 21 eggs!!!! How was the retrival? Were you scared? I am terrified. I am on day 7 of my stims and the nurse said that they think i will be ready for the hcg on Friday for a sunday retrival...i will know for sure on friday morning.

Were any of you on Ganerilx? I took my first dose of that today and got a nasty reaction at the injection site, it got all red puffy and itchy. The nurse said just to ice it and the redness and itchness went away but i still have a slight welt. Just wondering if I am the only one. I read the pamflet that came with it and it did say 1% had a reaction at the injection site...i guess that is me.


Kris - March 30

Thanks for always answering my questions I am sure that I will have more. Did you get to start your stims? I will keep you posted on the fertilization.


Kris - March 30

I was a little shocked they got so many eggs I just hope that some fertilize and make it to day 5. The retrieval was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am pretty sore but I only spotted for about 15 minutes and the relief from the pressure offsets the pain. Does your clinic use anesthesia?

I was not on Ganerilx so I am not familiar with the medication or side effects. I will have my fingers crossed for your retrieval, how many follicles do you have now?


Kris - March 30

Hi Everyone,

Well out of the 20 viable eggs they were able to inject 12 out of the 12 11 fertilized so I am now in the embryo waiting game. Does anyone know if this is good news or not because I am kind of concerned about the numbers.



Asunflower - March 30

Sounds like everything went great. 11 embryos is a great number. You will surely get quite a few good one sout of that. We had 19 retrieved, 11 fertilized and 2 made it to blastocyst so I think you will be fine. It feels so good to not have that pressure doesn' it? Keep your fingers crossed. I started sstims on Tuesday and go back on Friday for next u/s.


shansy - March 30

Hi ladies,

Well today went back to RE. My ultrasound showed 4 follicles. 3 on the right, 1 on the left. My right tube is blocked so we are a bit disappointed with this news. We go back tomorrow to check the size of the follicles and to set the date (we think it is Sunday) for the IUI.

Kris- Sounds like you are on a roll!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you... :)

Babydust to everyone,


Kris - April 3

Hello Everyone,

I had my transfer this morning 7 of the 9 embryos made it to blast. We transfered 2 AA embryos and the rest were frozen. So I am now in the 2ww boy this is really the hard part. Let me know how everyone is doing in their cycles.



Lani - April 4

Hey Kris
Wow!!! That is great that you had 7 of 9 make it to blast!!! Good luck in your 2 ww.

I had my ER yesterday and it went fine, the RE expected to have 15 eggs but got 25!!! I just got the report and 21 out of the 25 were mature and of the 21, 15 fertilized!!! I am caustiously optimistic. Now I will just be waiting for the daily reports. I am schedule for my transfer on Saturday.

Did either of you get OHSS, because of my age and how many eggs retrieved and how high my e2 level was I am at high risk for it. I am scared and hope it doesn't get bad enough that they can't put any back. I am still so bloated and crampy....according to my RE it will get worse before it gets better.....wonderful.


Kris - April 4


Wow that is really good news about your embryos I have my fingers crossed that your 15 are really strong. I have my beta next Wednesday I really am not as anxious as I thought I would be. Try and take it easy our clinic did not give daily updates so after the initial fertilization report we did not find out until yesterday how many we had.
As for OHSS my ovaries had some fluid yesterday but pnot enough to stop the transfer. What was your final E2 level? My RE just told me to increase my sodium intake and drink gatorade or tomato juice. Keep us updated.


Lani - April 5

Hey Kris
Your e2 levels were a lot higher than mine, mine were 2880 on the day of HCG. I have been drinking V8 juice and Gatorade. This morning I felt a bit better a little less bloated but now it seems to be back a little.

I am waiting to hear the daily report to see how the embies are word yet.

How are you progesterone shots going? Mine are going much better than I though they would. I ice the spot before dh does it and I can't even feel it when he gives it to me.


Lani - April 6

You know I kind of wish I didnt' get daily updates because I find myself more confused with every update.
I got my last update today before the transfer on Saturday..i won't know how they are doing until right before the transfer.

They told me that they froze 5 on day 2 because they were less vunerable then and I had 9 that are still growing but all at different stages and grades. I swear this grading system is making me crazy. My clinic uses a 0-3 grading system, 0 being the best and 3 being the worst.

As of today I had 5 that were 8 cells (2-grade 1, 3-grade 2), 2 6 cells (1-grade 2, 1 grade 3) and 2 4 cells(both grade 3)

So i have none at the best grade and only 2 at the second best I have no idea what that means........................!

I just hope 1 or 2 make it to blast. Keep your fingers crossed.

What an emotional rollercoaster, today I feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat and don't really know why



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