Gonal F needed
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SusanR1 - September 25

I am getting ready to start Gonal F and have some but need more. If there is anyone that has extra left over I would be interested in buying it. Thanks


monaliza - September 26

how many do you need? i have 3 vial 75 iu sealed gonal f left over . if you want to contact me my email is monalizak007@yahoo.com.
good luck
mona :)


janeybo - December 18

Hi, if you still need I have two pens expire 3-8. Asking 600.


tk - December 18

I have 900 units left. Make me an offer. tkeys@wallace.com


wendilu - December 19

I have enough drugs for a whole cycle, but my husband and I have decided not to follow through with another cycle after our last went horrible with lots of complications. I have approx 300 progesterone, 4 boxes of superfact, 20 levothyroxine, approx 100 estrace and 4 gonal-f 900iu pen packs, and 12 doxycycline tabs. Needless to say all of these drugs cost us in the thousands of dollars. We would like to recoup $1000 if possible, and we would prefer to sell everything together to save trouble.


janeybo - December 26

I have two Gonal F pens 900IU's exp 3/08 sell for 600 for two pens and shipping. email me borgen.jane@mayo.edu


dineshpalve - December 26

I have on pen, make an offer expires 11/08


cstudy79 - December 27

I am in need of 1 more gonal f pen asap. Paying out of pocket and down to next to nothing but i cant see going this far and cancelling. Please email me with the lowest you could take for this cstudy79@aol.com
Thank you so so much


wendilu - December 27

I still have all of my meds left...

1 hcg
4- 900iu gonal-f pen packs
580 prometrium progesterone supositories
4- 5.5ml vials of superfact
several packages of marvelon
over 500 estrace 1mg tabs
approx 100 Eltroxin 0.05mg tabs


OzzyDog - December 28

If you still need Gonal-F, I have the 900ul pens - asking $200.00 per pen (cost us $600.00).
Call if interested - 312-505-2464 Lesley



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