December IUI Cycle?
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Julie - Hoping - November 29

Hi ladies
I'm new to the board, I was supposed to have my first Gonal-F/Ovidrel with and IUI last month but we had to wait to start this month. Here we go - it's day 3! DH offered and will be giving me the shots, I'm a bit nervous - but excited to try something new this month. Is anyone else starting about now? Good luck to everyone!!


BethMX - November 30

Hi Julie,

Welcome to the board. Seems like we can be cycle buddies, as I will start my 2nd. IUI on Gonal-F/Ovidrel today. Just found out my 1st. cycle resulted in BFN, so my RE wants me to try again this month.

I wish you the best of luck and if you need somebody to talk to, just feel free to post :)

DH gives me the shots as well, poor DH, he learned with me....or I should say poor me???? It doesn´t hurt that much.

Good luck and keep us posted.
Baby dust!



Julie - Hoping - December 1

Hi Beth
What does BFN mean? Sorry i'm not completely familiar with everything yet.

I was pleasantly surprised how much the shots don't hurt. Although I have to admit the first night was weird having DH holding a needle meant for me. My blood work on day 3 came back with higher than normal prolactin so I'm getting re-tested for that at Quest. That could actually explain our currently unexplainable situation. So this is your 2nd month of Gonal-F and IUI? Lots of luck and baby dust!


BethMX - December 6

Hi Julie,

Sorry for taking so long to reply. BFN (Big Fat Negative) means not pregnant. But BFP (Positive) means the opposite ;)

The shots don´t hurt. I have been feeling pretty normal actually, even with the shots and everything. Sometimes I almost forget I´m in this. How are you doing?

Check your prolactin.. when are you finding out? My Doctor sent me this type of analysis as he mentioned it was difficult to get pregnant with high prolactin.

It is my 2nd. month on Gonal-F. I´ll keep you posted.
Take care,



Julie - Hoping - December 7

Hi Beth
We had our first IUI today, the Dr. said DH had a great sample. We have our next IUI tomorrow and then it's just time to wait. I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up, I know they already are. It's going to be a tough 2 weeks. I go for my bloodwork preg. test on 12/22 atleast I'll know before Christmas. When are your IUIs? I'm glad to be done with the daily bloodwork for a little while, my arms were starting to look bad. The ovidrel shot wasn't bad at all, just more liquid than the Gonal-F. I hope your cycle is going well!


BethMX - December 7

Hi Julie,

How exciting! Good luck with the IUI and lots of baby dust to you. The 2 weeks wait is the worst part, at least it was for me, so try to stay positive and don´t think about it too much.

I don´t know when my IUI will be yet. Today I´ll go for my first scan to check on my follicules. So I´m thinking either Monday/Tuesday next week. I´ll let you know.

Everything is going well, but DH has male factors so we have to wait until the IUI day to see how his sample is. Hopefully will be better than last month.

Stay positive and lots of baby dust!!!



Joey - December 16

hello everyone i am new to board. I have endometorisis on my ovary. I went for 2 lap and now i am on medication and been ttc for half yr. any of u on the board were in medication b4 change to IUI? Is it IUI has the higher pg rate?




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