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sphinx - September 15 5:32am

Hi there doctor

Hope you can advise me of my situation. We have had 4 failed ICSI treatments due to male factors. I have had my hormones checked and tubes checked and there is nothing wrong with me. We have decided to pursue donor sperm treatment and hopefully natural IUI. My clinic has suggested that IUI be the first option and cervical insemination as the second. They do not work weekends, so if ovulation falls then cervical insemination would be offered either Thurs and Fri or Fri and Mon depending on the day of ovulation whether its Fri/Sat.

I have read that IUI has a better chance than CI, but been told that 2 lots of CI can be just as effective as the sperm live longer. What is your advise on this?

My consultant here has suggested that I do 6 unmedicated cycles as there is nothing wrong with me.

I am reluctant to wait 6 cycles unmedicated because of my age and the financial issue. We have spent a fortune on ICSI trestments already and do not want to go down that road again. My body has had enough of this now. We now want to go the IUI road where we can have more 'chances'. I dont want to throw wasted money away if you see what I mean. We want the best shots at this as possible. Hope to here from you soon to help out of this confusion with IUI or ICI



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