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babydreams121 - May 2 10:57am

Just completed our first IVF cycle with ICSI and were devastated to have no embryos make it past day 2. Up to this point, we've been told we had MFI and that I had no issues. Now, our dr is telling us it may have been protocol or it could be an egg issue. There are too many factors to decide. We are trying to decide whether to try again with an antagonist protocol.

Here is our info:
AMH: 9.4 ng/mL (Drs thought I would be at risk of OHSS)
FSH: 9.33
Went on BCP and long Lupron protocol with Follistim and Menopur. I stimmed for 11 days and had 4 follicles larger than 16 mm before HcG injection. They retrieved 9 eggs and fertilized 7. By the next day, only 2 survived. They were abnormal.
At our follow up, dr said almost all of my eggs were immature and irregular.

Do we stand a chance at IVF? Should we give this another try?

Thank you for your help! We are really at a loss here and would appreciate anyone who could offer a bit of help!


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